Tuesday, December 8, 2009

morbid and more bits

Let's just soldier on this Terrible Topic of Bad, shall we? I mean, we've already got Monday under our belt, so what's so awful about carrying it in to Tuesday. Right?

So then. Today let's talk about Bad Behavior. When I am stressed, I can get a little... let's use the word "crazy" and not quibble about the details. I've never been big about hiding my eccentricities here at The Creamery, so I urge you to do the same.

In case you need help:
- I felt so flip-flapping OVER THE TOP with the pressure on Saturday afternoon that I sat down on the kitchen floor and proceeded to clean out an entire kitchen cabinet. It was not on my To Do list.

- Objects over the weekend I allowed Bean to fiddle with because I was just So! Happy! that she was doing something other than hanging onto my leg: several fridge magnets, too many pens to count, a bouquet of star-shaped suckers, Chip's shoes, my shoes, Phoebe's tail (which--- it's not like she pulled it off the cat or anything, but she just sort of decided to follow Phoebe around aimlessly for nearly ten minutes, clinging to P's tail with the Toddler Kung Fu Grip of Death), a pile of Chip's business cards, my cell phone, a cube of butter (paper still wrapped around it).

- I cried at least six times between Friday to Sunday. None of the instances were triggered by meaningful things. More like the time Bean threw some chicken nuggets on the floor and when Chip fell asleep instead of giving me the arm rub that he had promised earlier.

Lay it on out there for me, my friends. Tell me something NUTS you've done in the face of pressure.


Amanda said...

When I feel totally completely taken over by the pressure of something I give up and go to bed. It's completely useless and counterproductive but it's my way of blocking it all out. It's like sticking my fingers in my ears and shouting "LA LA LA LA LA".

Eleanor Q. said...

I'm a crier too. Too much pressure? Minor hitch in a plan that seems insurmountable? A good cry and then I'm ready to go (and some cookies, perhaps checking my email too?)I think the cry lets out some of the tension and then I feel less stressed. Sure wish there was a better way to do that.

parkingathome said...

I scream in my pillow as hard as I can, usually until I feel like I've lost my voice. This is usually combined with body-racking sobs, but that part can be left out. Sometimes I feel like we need to just watch an extremely sad movie to get out ALL the cries and then we can get things done.

Swistle said...

I do senseless cleaning, too, and I also get Brain Freeze and am so fretful I can't concentrate, and I also cry, and I also eat, and I also DON'T DO THE THINGS THAT IF I DID THEM I WOULDN'T HAVE TO STRESS ANYMORE which is like the definition of crazy.