Thursday, December 10, 2009

special math: what do you do when it's not quite nap time but someone needs a cuddle

There's this piece of furniture in my studio that has defied my understanding. Sure, it's used every so often when we have houseguests. And yes, I use it to lay out fabric and to sit on when I'm thinking. And boy oh boy the cats LOVE it. But until yesterday, I wondered about its everyday use. I mean, really--- what should we do with the bed in my studio?

It's simple.





On the docket: Go Dog Go, The Going to Bed Book, Gossie, and this one... not my choosing.

It's what ALL the toddlers are reading.


Anonymous said...

i definitely want to read the "safe baby handling tips" book next time I'm over at your house -- and i want to see what the "Important Bonus" is (The Wheel of ....?? K8

clueless but hopeful mama said...

hahaha! So sweet!

I posted on this book a long time ago .....

Sorry to have been AWOL in comments lately. (NOT SLEEPING) Oh and please tell me you aren't actually prioritizing getting me that package?! With a sick Bean and an away Chip?!?!

Eleanor Q. said...

Go Dog Go is a personal favorite and one that Fussbot likes as well. It's one of the only books he asks for by name (shouting GO! GO! GO! as he looks for it) and we read it every day. I personally like the "Now it is night" page with the one dog who has insomnia. I feel for him.

Hope Bean is on the mend, and that you're doing okay.

artemisia said...

THAT BOOK IS AWESOME. Anything to help me not look idiotic when handling a baby!

KAY said...

What does it mean when the kid wants to read the Safe Baby book?
Do they have one for "Firm Discipline for Teens -- how not to look like a shell-shocked parent?"

Erin P said...

Love it! Hope you paraphrase that one when you read it. Ha ha.

angelalois said...

Hey I didn't know that was actually a book!! Shaner and I got a forward when we were pregnant with a bunch of them (like the play with baby chess one?) and we made them our desktop images for a couple weeks, like a new one each week, before bebe came. they are HILARIOUS.