Monday, June 7, 2010

gummies for president

I am mounting a campaign.


Or at least my family's vitamin-consumption needs.

How did I not know they existed until a short few weeks ago?

I got some for our resident carbivore, Bean.

Gummy vits to introduce actual VITAMINS into her diet of brown food (all carbs, all the time).

Of course I needed to try them first.

Make sure they were edible.

And they were.


Quite sure, edible.

Yummy, even.

Perhaps delicious.

A few days later I found some gummy vits of the adult variety.

Snatched them up, the largest bottle.

Also delicious.

And then I found some gummy vitamin C at Trader Joe's.

Snatched up, no question.

And also: delicious.



While in the vitamin aisle at Trader Joe's I was surprised to see

gummy veggie/fruit bits.

I have no idea of their purpose (beyond the already-covered-bases from the children's gummy vits).

But snatched up anyway.


And yes, at last, of course, also sampled by yours truly.
It's becoming a sickness.
I'm searching for the gummy version of anything
and everything.
Gummy calcium?
Gummy ibuprofen?
Gummy Benedryl?

A bonifide gummy habit.

I may kill myself with vitamin kindness.


Bethsix said...

We have those vitafusion adult ones (definitely a highlight in my own morning routine), and our kids take another variety not featured in your photo. Griffon, every night (and sometimes days, because you know how he likes his canny) whines for gummies or "vitermins."

Amanda said...

Maybe this is the solution to my all-carbs-all-the-time diet as well. I tend to forget to take my own vits because meh, they're gag-inducing to swallow.

Do they make Gummy-fiber?

Jayme said...

Those were the only vitamins I could take while pregnant with the twins that didn't come back up!

Amanda said...

I bought some at Sam's Club today. I've also been told (by my friend amazon) that there is gummy-fiber!

Anonymous said...

There is actually a L'il Critters Calcium and it's really yummy! You should be able to buy it in Costco, Target or Walgreens.