Monday, June 28, 2010


1 painful neck/back/shoulder
1 wee 2-year-old girl antsy for a mommy that will move and bend and pick her up

Wisk in:
A generous handful of medical advice limiting movement, typing, running, yoga, reaching, grabbing, moving in general

Let sit for a week and watch the mixture begin to bubble and toil, friction in irritation.

As bubbles rise to the surface of the mixture, reach out for advice from the most sweet and wonderful Minions.

Read through each bit of perfect advice.

Fold them individually, one-by-one, into the mixture.

Allow them to slow the simmer---- cool it down, mellow it, sweeten it until the mixture is no longer a black angry mess.

If any tears are shed, make sure to capture each one and add them to the mix.

Continue to fold in the thoughtful advice.

Watch as the mixture begins to resemble cream.

Soft, marshmellowy, light-as-air cream.

Sprinkle with fresh perspective.

This is what it was like, that gift you gave me last week. Thank you for it. Thank you so very much.

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wandering nana said...

Hopefully the recipe this week will involve lots of love and attention.... I'm waiting for the call and will be checking in today... "}