Tuesday, June 1, 2010

joy in a brief pause, day 9: pigtails and pompoms

This was a full weekend.

Full to the brim.

So full, in fact, that I am at a loss for what to say.

For today, at least.

There certainly are things to say, especially about this journey in extracting joy.

But for today, let's pause on pigtails. They are joyful things, aren't they?
And when they're swirled up into little curls of sweetness--- I'm not sure there is a word for that level of goodness.

So with that, I'll leave you until tomorrow.

But before you go - check out these other folks who have been playing along---


bzzzzgrrrl said...

And me!

Also, yes. LOVE pigtails. I have, in fact, taken to at least occasionally wearing them my grownup self, especially on the weekend, when I'm hanging out at home. It adds a certain je ne sais quoi to housework.

Bethsix said...

Too too cute. Also really love Alice's skirt.

My post today will be up a bit later. I posted yesterday's pretty late, so I scheduled this one to post later this evening. Didn't want to break the Internetz with TOO MUCH FABULOUS.

Whimsy said...

Oh Bzzzzgrrrl! I am so sorry I left you off. Bad Whimsy! But I have to say, I totally agree about pigtails and their magical properties, even for the old and infirmed (read: beyond 30). I have a theory that the older you are, the lower your pigtails should be on your head--- so as a positively ancient 36-year-old, I wear them low, behind my ears; whereas Miss Alice is able to wear them high and jaunty.

This bit of useless theorizing brought to you by Whimsy, typing on Chip's wireless connection in the car.

Hannah said...

Cute beyond words, Whimsey. Thanks for sharing.

Rose said...

I love her little pigtails! They are adorable (and so is she, of course)!

I got my post up tonight. It's late, but it's there!

bzzzzgrrrl said...

I read a lot of blogs that deal with a lot of theory, but I think this is the first pigtail theorizing I've ever seen.
THAT is what keeps me coming back.