Monday, May 31, 2010

joy in the lines, days 6-8: two brief encounters with Chip

To find out the reasons behind this joy extraction endeavor, endeavor yourself over here.

I just don't know if I will ever be able to convey the absolute depth of mingled pleasure and weirdness it is to drive long distances with Chip. For your consideration:

At what might be the busiest Flying J gas station and mini-mart in the history of the world (outside Snowville, Utah-- population 177, I kid you not)... Chip is pumping our gas when he pops his head in the door for this: "Wow. I just had an encounter with the cutest little field mouse. He sort of stopped by my foot and then... went running. He was cute." At this, he walks away, LEAVING THE DOOR TO OUR CAR COMPLETELY OPEN, doing everything to make our vehicle an option for the poor destitute field mice of all Snowville except hanging a sign: Your Ticket To The Big City. Later, as he climbed into the car and we drove away, Chip put it all together with this, "I guess I should have closed the door... that mouse was cute. But creepy. A creepy mouse that I don't want to take in the car."

Location: several miles outside of Snowville, Utah. Driving on the highway.
Whimsy, turns and points at passing sign: Wow. Dude, did you see that sign?
Chip: What sign?
Whimsy: The one that said EXIT 38- NO SERVICES.

Chip (laughing): Oh yeah, it's funny now but terrible in the middle of a white-out snowstorm.
Whimsy: I want to take a picture of that sign. Will we see it again?
Chip: Don't worry about seeing that one again. There are plenty more coming.

Continuing to play the joy game:

If you want to play along, comment here and let us know. Or do me a favor and tell me what's making you joyful these days.


Rose said...

Hahaha, I would have been screaming, "Well close the freakin' door!" I'm glad that you didn't gain an additional passenger!

Bethsix said...

Dude. I wanna go on a roadtrip with you guys. Chip sounds fun!

Rose said...

I have today's post up. :)

Bethsix said...

Joy in Pictures

Also, were you not the least bit put off by the "ATK" on that exit sign. Am I the only one who thinks it's just a little too close to BTK? As in BIND TORTURE KILL???

Hannah said...

I probably have been somewhat enchanted by the mouse, like Chip. Glad he didn't join you for the trip home, though.