Thursday, May 20, 2010

little reprieves

This is how it works, when you are eating a sad little lunch and your daughter is trolling the living room with Mega Blocks in her mouth, horrible rivers of snot comming from her nose. You feel the rising push of landlocked hysteria, the kind brought on by a hovering batch of toddler sickness. Playdate plans cancelled, no visits to the store or the post office or the bank to hover hopefully in the distance. It's just you, a cooled-off plate of leftovers, and your sick kid - who isn't helping things by being so awfully cranky, she's told you to GO AWAY several times in the last hour, going so far to tell you to MOVE when you looked at her too long.

And then you get an email notification on Ye Olde Crackberry, saver of graces and connector to the grand Internetz. A new comment.

One from this lovely person Hannah who informed me that she found The Creamery through The Stirrup Queens. Hmm, thought I, I shall investigate.

So I did. And then I started reading--- all these wonderful little odes about blogs, small verbal embraces from anonymous readers charting the things they love about a particular blogger. It was enough to make me feel both warm AND fuzzy. And then I got to one about The Creamery. You guys, I got teary reading it, this little bit of love put out there with no intention of recognition or praise or even a thank you from the recipient (me). It was so wonderfully nice.

Which, when you think about it, is a notion sadly overlooked from day-to-day. The general niceness of people. Like a bag of patterns gifted to me by Heidi's mom. And my mother-in-law, calling me up yesterday afternoon to let me know she'd be bringing the bag o patterns straight to my doorstep, to save me the pick-up trip. Like Bean leaning over and giving me a kiss and a love after I changed her diaper this morning. Like you. And you. And you. I could catalog your niceness in a long ode, but instead I'm going to just say thank you. Thank you for being so nice.

Now - if you read the blurb at The Stirrup Queens, and you're dying to find out the depth of my commitment to a blog post, read here for the toothpaste saga.

And also, while I have you here, I'd like to invite you to play along next week with an experiment in joy extraction (oddly sounds like a dental procedure, doesn't it?).


Swistle said...

Alice looks like such a big kid int hat picture!

Swistle said...

Or "in that picture," whatevs.

Bethsix said...

:) Smiley :)

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Awesome! Glad you got a little pick-me-up!

Spadoman said...

I've been sick Whimsical One. I can't get rid of this sore throat and nagging cough, and I've stayed busy getting things I committed to done right along. Now I have some traveling that has been on the calendar and I'm still sick. I'll look for some good in that. I'll do it for you. (and maybe a little for me).
I was so excited about the toothpaste story, I thought it was gonna be the one about brushing your teeth with.... oh, nevermind.
As far as your posting good positive stuff, I have been posting a meme usually every Friday called "Only the Good Friday". Some of us have taken one day, Friday, and no matter what, post something "Good". Take a look. On my blog, scroll down. The posts are labeled Only the Good Friday.
I'll be away for a week, then return and leave a week after that. I'll be on the road until the end of June. I'll wave as I'll be out on that west coast.

Peace to you and all you hold dear.

wandering nana said...

I forgot about the "toothpaste" tale. I read it and laughed again... and believe me, I needed this laugh this morning. Thank you for always giving me the lift I need. When I get back, we must do the "new adventure" day. I felt bad canceling. I'm in Dallas, waiting!

Hannah said...

Whimsey, that toothpaste post was hilarious! Thanks for sharing!