Tuesday, May 25, 2010

joy in a minute, day 2: how do YOU eat an oreo?

So easy, finding pleasure in a cookie.

No challenge in that,
but does it really matter?

I don't think so.

Because there it is,
the zing of sugary confection

the smile growing wider
with each bite.

And the mustache/goatee afterwards?

Totally lickable.

Now. What's your favorite cookie, and your favorite method for its consumption? Mine would have to be a chocolate susan cookie, unusual and hard to find done right (think buttery rich shortbread-like cookie base with a dollup of chocolate frosting on top). And a nice glass of ice-cold milk on the side.

If you're playing along today, let me know--- I'll link you.


Amanda said...

I played along today


I think my favorite cookie are the tiny chocolate chip cookies from the Tollhouse kiosk that have frosting in the middle. Mmmmm.

Rose said...

Mmmm... cookies! :)

I'll try to get a post up later tonight. Today is a special day. :) If I don't get it up tonight, it'll probably be up tomorrow, you'll have to check!

Bethsix said...

I do not know the chocolate susan! I would have to go with the oatmeal chocolate chip. Oatmeal because it's HEALTHY. See the rationale? And anytime chocolate is involved, ice cold milk should accompany.

Bethsix Day 2

kately said...

Abram's chocolate chip cookies - hands down. Chip - you know what I'm talkin' about :-) And as far as joy: Monday I found joy in watching my beautiful daughter enjoy lip-smacking vanilla ice cream while sitting on the couch next to my wonderful husband - both of their gorgeous faces glued to some ridiculous show on TV, but not completely mesmerized, as they kept scooping ice cream and licking their lips. I could have watched them forever. And today: smelling a beautiful yellow flower that a stranger handed Shelby while we were at Starbucks waiting for mommy's "CAWFEE!" and then watching in the rear-view mirror while Shelby sniffed the flower as we drove away...

bzzzzgrrrl said...

I love all cookies. Oatmeal may be my favorite, just for the fact that they are simultaneously totally delicious and buttery and brown-sugary AND feel vaguely good for me (because, you know, oatmeal). So how I eat them is with delight, and without guilt.

Day 2 post is up.