Thursday, May 27, 2010

joy in the road dust, day 4: on finding it when it's lost somewhere under the seat cushion

For details about the joy project, visit here.

I've been keeping something from you, my friends. For the past several days you've been coming here reading these posts from me and (maybe?) imagining me writing from the comfort of the Whimsy family couch. Or something.

And all the while, I've been (mostly) in a car.

Well, mostly in a car since Tuesday morning. We are slowly maneuvering our way across Washington, parts of Oregon, and Idaho as Chip works--- and will spend the long weekend with my parents in Utah. Tuesday will have us heading back home, again following the same route. A total of eleven days gone.

I was happy to take the trip. Spending quality time with Chip, seeing my parents and siblings and their kids--- all a bonus.
Did you know that when you take a picture from a moving car that's speeding along the highway, that the guardrails look funny and crooked?
I just didn't count on this ridiculously painful neck/back/shoulder situation. Which, yes, is still bothering me. It has me counting the minutes and seconds in the car, each bit of time spent in that seat a prison sentence.

Normally when we're driving I'm able to read or write or do one of a million little things to pass the time. But this new and badly improved body of mine has me sitting in the seat, staring straight ahead, hoping the pain in my shoulder and arm will go away go away go away go away. Not very joyful.

But I'll tell you what--- for the first time I've been able to truly watch the scenery as it passes, see the magnificent fluctuations in glorious green from one place to the next. Even as I'm busily stuffing instant ice packs behind my back.
My husband is a SUCKER for his daughter. She insisted she HAD to have a "ball" (clear plastic round thingie from a vending machine) and he relented. They ended up with 1 "ball" and 1 tiny plastic Mariner's cap.
And then there's this:

Bean entertaining herself at the restaurant during dinner last night.

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Amanda said...

I had trouble finding the joy on Wednesday too. It helps to actually be looking for it though.

Bethsix said...

Weird, crooked guardrails.

Day 4

Midnight Rambler said...

Love the crooked guardrails. I'll be returning the stalking favor when we travel through Portland in a couple weeks. Did you stop in for your Co-op Cookies? [which reminds me, I have fallen behind on the GMBOA, dang illnesses. But the last thing I want to send along is a case of pink eye with all the other little goodies.]

Rose said...

Perhaps I cheated a little bit with my post today... but that's okay. My daughter brings daily joy to my life! :)