Thursday, May 6, 2010

gmboa contest up and running!

My friends and minions. The fabulous Boise-dwelling Midnight Rambler has the Golden Minion Box of Awesomeness and she just put up the contest for the next recipient.

If you know all about it - just go here and enter. This is going to be an AWESOME contest.

And I can personally VOUCH for at least one of the items that will be included in the GMBOA-- and they are my FAVORITE STORE-BOUGHT COOKIE ON THE PLANET. Direct from Boise, Idaho.

If you don't know all about it, and want to understand, I'm going to approach this with my mother in mind. I love her so very dearly. Every once in a while she'll call me and tell me that she read my blog and has 'absolutely no idea what you're talking about'. So the short mother-appropriate version is this:

- The GMBOA is a box. It was spray painted gold and given a fancy acronym as the prize for the Minionlympics that I held here a few months ago.
- The box is filled with lots of goodies like candy and gifty items.
- A blogger holds a contest for the box, and when a winner is selected, the box is sent on (filled with loot) to the new recipient.
- That recipient then holds a contest for the box, and once a winner is chosen, fills the box and continues to spread the joy.
- There are rules to win the box. Namely, you have to be a follower of The Creamery to win the box. It's easy to be a follower (down there to the right).
- That's pretty much it. Mom--- does this make sense?

Good luck, all Minions!


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