Monday, April 5, 2010

thoughts while eating an oatmeal cookie from boise, idaho

Wildflour Bakery cookies from Boise, Idaho. Proof that my husband loves me. And also a little nod to the winner of Round Two of the GMBOA, Midnight Rambler (in Boise!). Stay tuned for the next round, Minions!

I love that he's called Chip, a name you don't hear very often unless it's in the snack aisle.
Utterly snackable.

I love that he's such a wonderful father. Bean couldn't have done better for his patience, his sweetness, his humor.

I love that he is musical. A natural-born musician. Can play a song after hearing it once. Loves to fill these four walls with the music he makes be it at bathtime, bedtime, or other times.

I love his calloused fingers (a musical sideaffect), his strong shoulders, his gorgeous dark hair, his golden skin.

I love that he doesn't like to see me in pain, but he lets me feel whatever is in my heart without question, without reservation.

I love that he will walk away from a fight if I ask him to.

I love that he brings me cookies from Boise, Idaho. Just because.

I love that he knows my favorite flower, ice cream flavor, hamburger topping, comfort food, past time, book, poet, author, shoes, tv show, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer character.

I love how he wants to know me better and deeper - how he delves into what interests me and asks me questions.

I love that is he strong, but doesn't use that strength to prove anything.

I love that he is sensitive, but doesn't need to convince anyone of it.

I love that he is gentle when needed, tough when necessary, and always always always good.

I love his way, his timber, his air.

I love that he says I love you in a thousand ways, in a thousand different circumstances.
I love this man.


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Bethsix said...

Aww, I just love that Chippy. (I hope he enjoys nicknames. I enjoy nicknames.) Also, that cookie looks YUM.

Sibley Saga .... said...

Yay, Chip! We love Chip!