Monday, April 19, 2010

now i know my abc's

The weekend? I have to tell you--- I somehow managed to get my 1989-born hairstylst dude to discuss NOT the weather, NOT weekend plans, NOT 8-track tapes and their strange existance prior to his entrance in the world--- but truly actually no-doubt-about-it POETRY, PHILOSOPHY, and LITERATURE. I'm not kidding. I walked out the door having actually left him a short reading list (at his insistence) of my favorite contemporary poet (Stephen Dunn), a wonderful and thought-provoking standard (Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet), and a basic of philosophy: Henry David Thoreau's Walden. Score one for Team Whimsy.

Bean, having not only entered, but having pitched a tent, started a campfire, and also begun construction on her PERMANENT RESIDENCE in the existance we shall call BEING TWO, is showing quite the talent for avoidance and delay of bedtime. Specifically bathtime. Once upon a time she loved her bath. Loved it. And now it's kicking and screaming and lots of demands for things other than the bath. So I've started getting creative. For a little while, the tactic was to look for her beloved (and a little bit faded due to the bleach) NotCookie. I'd be all, WHERE'S COOKIE? LET'S GO FIND COOKIE! And then we'd go upstairs and magically find the blue monster bath mitt IN THE BATHTUB! Fantastic!

But Bean decided to wise up. She lost interest in finding NotCookie. She still loves him, don't get me wrong. But now when I say that we need to find him, she's all Dude--- Cookie is UPSTAIRS, PROBABLY IN THE BATHTUB. TRY SOMETHING ELSE.

The newest bathtub wrangling mechanism is these little colored foam letters. I dump them out into the tub and we have Bean Alphabet Soup. Also: they stick. To the tub. And other things.

Annnnnnd that was my weekend. A hair cut. Some alphabet letters. A husband that will be working locally and HOME all week long (cue choir of angels).

How was yours?


Amanda said...

Mine consisted of waiting on an almost-nine year old hand and foot. He sprained his foot and could not put any weight on it.

Score for me for convincing him that we had to take a Sunday afternoon nap in order for it to heal!!!

Christine said...

That Bean sure is cute! I played with plug-ins and drank red wine.

Bethsix said...

You know your hairstylist was just humoring you. When you walked out, he was like, "Oh. Mah. Gah. I don't know WHAT that old woman was talkin' about. BORING."

If Anneke had been a boy, her middle name would've been Walden. :)