Friday, April 2, 2010

white flag

Yes. That's a personalized fairy flag. I didn't make it today. Or yesterday. Or even recently. Done over a month ago, but isn't it cute? Also: strangely appropriate for the last 48 hours.

I'm writing from the fog of The Sick. It swirls around me in a heavy mist, a curtain that obscures my view of the world.

Tuesday had me cribside at midnight, comforting an ailing Bean. (She was not impressed with my comforting skills.) After several attempts to get her settled back in bed I made the fateful decision that nearly always comes back to haunt: I brought her back into bed with me.

I don't know why I think it's ever going to work. We haven't had a good night's sleep like this, she and I, in over a year. I think it has something to do with my fuzzy-headed night logic (maybe if I bring her back into bed with me, we'll both be able to get some sleep).

As you can imagine, we didn't. I clocked an hour total for me, just praying for daylight so I could sit up in bed and not feel sick about it (sitting up in bed before 4am tends to make me a little... eh... CRAZY).

I have some thoughts about The Sick as it relates to The Parent, but more specifically The Solo Parent, as I like to call myself during the week when Chip is away on business. But today is not the day to share those thoughts, since I was actually given strict instructions from my husband to "try not to talk to anyone else" after a very brief and very weird conversation via telephone. (My thought: so it's that bad, eh?)

So consider this, not a communication per se, merely a message balloon released skyward from a shaky hand:


(And one last parenthetical:
A huge thank you to the four wonderful bloggers who participated in yesterday's April 1st swap. They were tremendously good sports. And please excuse my snarky hot mess of an entry about Sesame Street. That was written/edited from the deepest darkest depths of The Sick Fog and boy, I was a little... hammered. It's nearly impossible to find the funny when you're functioning on an hour of sleep.)


Amy said...

Sorry to hear about The Sick. It never fails that it's on a solo parent day/week. Hope you guys come out on the other side no worse for wear.

As for the Sesame Street post - I enjoyed it and thought the things that bug me about the show are mostly the same parts. Murray forgetting stuff drives me crazy too.

Bethsix said...

Feel better, sweeties.

KAY said...

Hope you leave the Fog of Sick soon.

The Sesame Street post brought back weird memories -- good ones from the 70s, a tense feeling about Mr. Noodle and his brother circa 1999, and a wave of relief about Murray (I have no idea what he is, but he sounds dreadful).

Spadoman said...

Ahhhh, Cream. I tell you, the April Fools thing was weird! I never did find you.
I remember once spending the night on my knees, at the bedside of my own bed, with a Sick One, (Maggie was about 3 when this happened). I had a hand on her belly, the other next to her. I fell asleep for a while on and off. (Ever sleep on your knees?)
Hope the little one gets well soon and Whimsy gets some rest.


wandering nana said...

Can I bring Soup? Ham? Day old Chicken Enchiladas? I hope you feel better.