Monday, May 3, 2010

last week in pictures

Once upon a time I took one of those Myers-Briggs personality tests for work. Our whole department took the test, actually, and then we went to a DAY-LONG CLASS. The class involved us being divied up into our personality groups and then we did a lot of talking about our "personality". And I should have written "talking" about our "personality" because out of a department of 25 people, I was the ONLY ONE in my group.

It turns out that I have something of a rare personality (where "rare" actually means "really weird and difficult to pin down").

ANYWAY. The one bit that stuck with me from that heinously long and over-wrought day-long class was this, about my test results. They said that I have a lot of ideas, that I'm an idea person --- but my biggest downfall is how difficult it is for me to talk about my ideas, to help other people to comprehend my grand plans. In other words, I might as well be speaking Russian because usually people don't know what I'm talking about.
Also, I sometimes don't completely follow-through with one of those fabulous idea-things.
Which leads me to last week. I decided to try this week-in-the-life project, wherein you take pictures of everyday things - actually documenting your life for an entire week. But I did mine a whole week behind when I was supposed to do it. And you're supposed to write journal entries every day and collect all kinds of memorabelia from every day things. But I didn't journal every day or collect a ton of memorabelia or even take many pictures that one day or take any pictures AT ALL on Saturday. So what I really did was take a lot of pictures of random every day things Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday; peter out on Thursday and totally bomb on Friday. And then I laughed at myself because really, who am I kidding that I'm going to create an ALBUM for this mess?

So, to review, I can have trouble following through, which is exactly what I did last week when I didn't finish a week-long project. And now I have all these random images and I feel guilty just up and deleting them.

I'm sharing them with you instead.

Because I know that you want to know what I was up to.

And because I know that I inspire the PANTS off you with this hot mess of an entry.

Without further delay...


Some stuff involving playing in bed. A post-workout foot shot (be glad I avoided a picture of my red face). A depressing visit to Home Depot pricing out brand new fiberglass shower AND bath inserts because both of ours have cracks in them.


This is how we pass the time when Chip is in Portland.

What happens when I tell Bean that we don't have any "milkies" (her weird word for chocolate). Followed quickly by what happens when I give her a roll of Smarties instead.

Once you see Friday's first picture you'll know why I didn't take any pictures on Thursday. Because I was sewing like a mad woman to finish up all the samples for my Etsy shop.


Can you believe that I'd post THIS for the world to see? That is DEDICATION and LOVE, people. I sewed until the wee hours of Friday morning (3am, anyone?) and then did a photo shoot with the fantabulous 5-year-old Jenna. Also: a little glimpse of a future Etsy offering (COMING SOON, I PROMISE--- even though my ridiculous personality test would have you believe otherwise).


clueless but hopeful mama said...

Okay, we have a problem. I don't even know what that item is with the birdcage fabric but I WANT IT. NOW. PUT IT ASIDE WITH MY NAME ON IT AND CHARGE MY CREDIT CARD.


wandering nana said...

I can hardly wait. I wish I was as industrious as you are. Were you there yesterday? I didn't see you. I've been thinking of you and can hardly wait for 2 weeks to go by and then we're off...

Bird said...

Wait! I want the birdcage fabric too! Is it a skirt? Is it a dress? Its AMAZING!!

Also, the smarties pictures had me laughing (with not at) because, woe, wer're right there with you: the world is over one minute, the world is fine the next.

Bethsix said...

Okay, except **I** want the birdcage fabric. Actually, I *need* the birdcage fabric, whatever it is, and I think that trumps "want," so there ya go.

I MUST know what your Myers-Briggs type is. I took it for the first time when I was in high school, and I was an INFP. I've taken it a few other times over the years (but never the full test again). I always always always remain an "I" (of course), but the other components have shifted. I'm very flippy floppy with the F/T, I know. I still remember when I got my results in high school, others on the list with my personality type included - and I quote - "MARY, MOTHER OF GOD." Yes. That's me.

You are looking very pretty! Indeed!

Do I see Burt's Bees? MMMMM. Me love me some Burt's Bees.