Thursday, May 6, 2010

and then

I yelled at our neighbor's gardener on Tuesday. True story. He was blowing garbage and dead leaves and other junk underneath the fence into our yard.
It made me cranky.
Normally I wouldn't have responded in quite that way. Softer, maybe.
I even made the gardener take his earplugs out so I could properly explain how UNACCEPTABLE it was to blow someone else's garden debris underneath the fence.
And then...
And then I grabbed all the bits of leaves and the two or three potato chip wrappers in my hands and threw them back over the fence. Such was my rage.
It was my and then day--- when one thing would happen and then another and then another and then and then (you get the idea).
Have you had an and then day recently? I want to hear about it. Details.
(The photo: nothing to do with this post, really--- but a glimpse of another Etsy shop skirt. I guess I'm a tease. Soon, my friends, soon.)


Shelly Overlook said...

You go girl! Now stop teasing us and open your damn Etsy shop!!!

Pickles and Dimes said...
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Pickles and Dimes said...

I would've paid cash money to see you yelling at the gardener.

This whole week has been full of "and then" moments:

We wanted to paint our deck, so we decided to replace the ancient, leaky gutters first.

And then we realized the soffit was rotting and should be replaced.

And then we realized we'd have to replace the fascia as well, tripling our original budget.

And then the gutter guys put the new downspouts in a much more aesthetically pleasing placement.

And then Jason and I came home to new gutters and the discovery that the previous homeowners just painted around the old downspouts, so our tan house has stripes of blue here and there.

And then we realized we'd have to repaint our entire house.

And then we were very sad and very mad.

And then my brother offered to help us paint this summer.

And then things were better (a little).

And all of this was happening during our busiest workdays and our worst commutes, so we had zero time for fun stuff.

The end.

tearese said...

those are things I mostly just THINK of doing in my head. Except the few times when I really do them, and they're usually to people I see all the time, then its awkward forever after.
Hmmm, I can't think of anything specific, but I know when I've had days like that and I act a little...irritated toward someone else, its usually because they were being rude to my kids in someway. Unacceptable.

Bird said...

I'm with P&D, I would have given anything to see the exchange with the gardner.

Also, the photo is AWESOME. Can't wait to see the shop!

Bethsix said...


I was flying home from Denver.

I pre-paid $18 for a shuttle from my hotel to the airport (BECAUSE I'd gotten scammed out of $125 when I'd taken a cab TO the (wrong) hotel). I scheduled the pickup for 11:30. My plane was supposed to leave at 1:35.

I go outside at 11:15, but the shuttle doesn't show up. At 12:15, I decide to pay for ANOTHER shuttle. I get to the airport at 1:24.

And THEN, the shuttle driver wants to give me advice about filing a complaint with the other shuttle company. And then I go to the wrong side of the airport because I'm so flustered. And then I get to security, and two people cut in front of me. And then, OF COURSE, you have to take a tram to all terminals in Denver. And then, OF COURSE, my terminal is the farthest away.

I get to the gate TWO MINUTES late. The plane is still attached to the whatever it is that connects it to the airport, but the doors are CLOSED. Closed. And then I'm told I need to fly standby on THREE LEGS to get home at 10 pm (as opposed to my nonstop arriving in Austin at 4:30 with my fantastic A37 boarding pass).

And then I have to run to catch the first of the three legs. And then I get a C20 boarding pass. Ceeeeeee. Last person on the plane. And then I make the bad decision not to sit in the middle of old people (many options at the front of the plane) and test my luck walking back. And then I see about three different spots to sit, but each time, when I get there, SMALL CHILD. And then I spy the very back row, and this guy looks at me like, "OMG, OMG, OMG, NOOOOOO." And then the flight attendant says, "There's a seat right HERE, sweetheart" and makes me sit next to this EXTREMELY obese man - probably 400 pounds + with thighs smaller than mine, so you can imagine where the weight is carried - who smells VERY MUCH of pee.

And then I was SEETHING. Seething. And then I started feeling bad that this poor man could probably tell I was seething and was probably already really self-conscious because he was so heavy (AND smelled like pee), so I decided to STAY next to him for the next leg. And then I had trouble completing a Sudoku. And then I spent four hours in El Paso. And then no wireless, even though I'd already paid for it in my hotel room WAY back when. And then I got home. No bag. And then I had to take a cab because all my kids were asleep.

It was SO SAD.

And THEN, there is no way my work is going to reimburse me $125 for a cab ride from Denver to Denver and then TWO shuttle rides back to the airport.

The End