Tuesday, June 15, 2010

terrification in three easy steps

Step 1: Bring your husband and 2-year-old to Costco.

Step 2: Try on several pairs of sunglasses which make your child laugh out loud. (Huge self esteem builder, there.)

Step 3: Insist that your husband try on some awesome aviator sunglasses.

And.... scene.


Amanda said...

Oh no :(

Zack used to freak the heck out whenever I would wear a headband or sunglasses or anything that slightly altered my look. I was to look the same at all times!

Anonymous said...


kately said...

Love it. not the sweet pea crying, of course, but yeah, the concept. I guess that means Chip didn't end up buying them ;-)

Bethsix said...

Aww. Little Beanie.

Rose said...

Poor little girl!