Friday, June 18, 2010

weakly in review

So hi.
We went out of town for a couple of days mid-week.
Up to the San Juan Islands.

Chip had work to do.
Bean and I? Lots of running around and playing.

Meanwhile my neck/shoulder/arm situation has returned with a raging angry vengence.
I went to my doctor on Monday.

She is sending me to physical therapy.

Much like boot camp.

I feel like I'm being shipped off to scare my shoulder into submission.

Do you think it will work?

How was your week?


serenity now said...

Our week involved some travel, too, and some back/shoulder pain for the husband.

As for physical therapy, I think it could be just the thing. My doctor sent me to physical therapy during the pregnancy, and I learned a lot. Also got some good massages (didn't know physical therapists did that before I went!) and was able to get some nasty back pain to go away. So, though my experience with it is limited, I have good associations with physical therapy. Hope yours works out, too.

Bethsix said...

I think for sure the PT could work, and I hope it does.

My week was forgettable, but if I could remember, I think I might characterize it as "slightly stupid."

kately said...

Lots of pain in the Maxwell house this week: Abram/SuperHusband shoveled for 5 hours and moved 851 yards of dirt from one spot in the backyard to another to clear room for our new shed ... and then we rented a jackhammer today and he jackhammered the *&^^* out of the superhard clay strata that was underneath all the dirt. He is in P A I N -- and that's not considering how he's gonna feel tomorrow! I love that man. And yes, Physical Therapy will most likely help since you'll be moving around the affected areas and most likely loosening them up will produce positive effects. Rooting for you!