Wednesday, October 6, 2010

if you want to win something fabulous


Well hello there.

You may recall a little something called the Golden Minion Box of Awesomeness. It's been making the rounds through the Minions and its current stop is with Alicia, of fabulous Bethsix fame.

Ms. Alicia will be giving the GMBOA away on Monday, and I can't stress to you enough just how fun and silly and amazing she is. Which means that she gives absolutely spectacular packages away. Seriously.

I should probably add, that this box is sort of my personal childhood wish and by participating in this contest, you are giving me the gift of my personal childhood heart. I dreamt of releasing a balloon with my name and address tied on a string - watching it float into the upper atmosphere - and then on some distant day, getting a postcard from China or Mexico or maybe even NEW JERSEY saying that my balloon had been found drifting in some little girl's front yard and she couldn't BELIEVE how far my balloon had traveled. But my balloon never made it that far. I can't say it even ever made it farther than the powerlines down on Marguerita Avenue. But the GMBOA--- my dears, it has been in several different locations so far, and I can't tell you how much I want it to just keep traveling and traveling. Please do throw your hat in for the honor of hosting the box. You won't be disappointed.

So here's what you should do, if you're interested in picking up that GMBOA for your very own (and who wouldn't be, right?).

1. Make sure you're a follower here of The Creamery. Just go join down there on the right.

2. Visit Bethsix on Monday to enter to win.

May the luck of the Minions be with you.

And for your viewing pleasure, because it's nonsensical but also funny, this is what happens when you tell your two-year-old that she can sit on the bench with Elmo. And she happens to be very tired.

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Bethsix said...

Adorable. So adorable. She almost looks like she's faking.

I should also have mentioned that I think I'm going to do a weeklong contest, or thereabouts. Starting Monday. Still not sure how to work it...