Tuesday, October 5, 2010

sunny days


Mom keeps a large green bin on reserve for visiting grandchildren and other dignitaries of the under 3-foot set.

It contains the remaining bits of our childhood toys.

Matchbox cars and trucks of every shape and size.

Boats and a circus train.

And Little People, dozens of Little People (you know the ones)--- Not the Little People of Leprechaun fame, but the Fisher Price Little People with the round-barrel bodies and spherical heads.

I had a blast sitting them in tiny rectangle cars and pushing them in tiny little strollers.

They still have a motor boat and a yacht, but no one has the keys to Main Street or the Parking Garage. The castle is gone. So is the schoolhouse. And sadly, most of all, the loss of the big apartment building over on Sesame Street.

However, in my search among the survivors, I spied a few familiar faces.

I believe Ernie is sporting a black eye from the fight he had with the blond teacher with the pony tail. And Burt, poor Burt is looking a little worse for wear, what with him sleeping behind the dumpster and underneath the schoolhouse swingset.

Gordon is the only one still looking like he can sing Making Believe with Maria and Bob. I have to question his use of the Sanitation Truck as Big Bird conveyance--- though Big Bird himself can't offer much of a backstory. After losing his head feathers in that unfortunate toxic waste spill...

That is, unless Big Bird always looked this blitzed.


Midnight Rambler said...

Hilarious!! We're missing a lot of the Little People, but my mom still has the houseboat and the school house, with its pop-top roof, as well as a very sparse collection of lincoln logs. But I never even knew the Sesame Street Little People existed. I feel so ... left out.

Shelly Overlook said...

OMG these toys are fabulous!!! I remember them. Can I come play, too?

Bethsix said...

Damn. Big Bird. Not looking so hot.

I have seen only a handful of "famous" people in random locations in my life. One of the highlights was Bob from Sesame Street in Chicago O'Hare.

Did I ever tell you about the letter I wrote to Sesame Street? Yessss.