Thursday, October 21, 2010

stretching it out to two entries, really


In response to yesterday's post.

One of the greatest pleasures of being married to Chip is how fun and weird he can make everyday things.

Case in point: SuperWhy.

When we all saw our first episode, we were on a trip - and somehow we kept missing Bean's daily allotment of Sesame Street. It must've been due to the time change, I'm not sure, but we'd get back to our room from breakfast, turn on the TV and get... not Sesame Street. Instead, it was Wyatt and his SuperWhy gang and all their adventures rewriting fairytales.

I sort of hated it from the very get go.

And then came the final song. And you know what? I hated that too. But it stuck in my head like superglue and I found myself singing it later that afternoon. So did Chip. However, in fine Chip fashion he decided to channel Eddie Vedder singing Hip hip hooray, the Super Readers saved the day.

It was so weird, so awesomely weird--- and I love it. It's one of my very very favorite things in life, listening to Chip sing this ridiculous song in an even more ridiculous voice, and when he starts making up words? Oh, if I could share it with you I would.

Now we sing this stupid song all the time. Like seriously, ALL THE TIME. I've listened to Bean sing it over the room monitor, when she's supposed to be asleep in bed. Chip has sung it in Home Depot (about buying a toilet seat--- lyrics were something like Hip hip hooray, we get to buy a toilet seat today. We're at Home Depot, we've got some options, we'll work together to spruce up the potty.) So. Now that you think my husband is adorable and also so very odd--- I'll tell you that the entire SuperWhy thing continues to bounce between annoying and freakishly charming for me. It depends on the day. I'm not a fan of rewriting fairy tales to get a different ending, but I do like the fact that they teach children about positive thinking, cooperation, and confidence. I also like that they stress the importance of reading--- how it opens doors, unlocks secrets, helps you to understand human behavior. That song, though. It can stay with me for DAYS. And not in a good way.

In other news:

The Cat in the Hat. I absolutely adore Dr. Seuss. Love him. His delightful illustrations, the stories, the characters. Love. So I was excited to check out PBS' The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That. I still do like the concept, and I can't believe they got Martin Short to the the Cat's voice--- but I've got to tell you after a while, it gets to be a little... annoying. True story.

Curious George. Cute animation. And again, points for the effort to make it educational. But seriously, I can't stand how people let this monkey do whatever he wants, wreaking havoc all over the city (and countryside). But what gets me the most, beyond anything else (including the man in the yellow hat sending George out BY HIMSELF, WITH MONEY, TO BUY DONUTS), is George's monkey voice. Like nails on a chalkboard, people. Annoying.

Super Grover Version 2.0. I support Sesame Street's efforts to teach kids about the scientific method, help them to problem solve and be more observant about the world we live in. But I don't think they needed to change Super Grover to do it. I loved him, the original Super Grover, with his fluttery cape tied with that puffy ribbon and his aluminum hat. He was just perfect. Now they've got him suited up in armor, people. ARMOR. And did I mention shoulder caplet thingamadoodads? I liked Super Grover just the way he was. But I'm a Sesame Street purist. I'm not so much a fan of Abby's Flying Fairy School either (tell me what THAT is supposed to teach). So I think I'm still fence-sitting about SGV 2.0 (oh dear me did I just give Grover a geek-chic ACRONYM? Kill me now.)

Let me just add that I'm totally on board with Ellie's thoughts on Sid the Science Kid. I kinda like Suzie and she comes up with some fun songs, but the montage at the school with the singing and the dance--- ARGH.

As for Pat Sajak? When I was trolling the internet looking for pictures of his 'do, I unearthed a whole debate about whether or not he's bald--- so I'm letting Mr. Sajak off the hook altogether. But I do have one request, if Mr. Sajak is listening - go with a slightly less bronzey-blond color, and we'll all be the better for it.


Bird said...

Can I add a side note about Yo Gabba Gabba also? We don't watch many TV shows other than Sesame Street and Calliou but occasionally I try out other show s to see if they are worth adding to the the rotation. But I had to turn off YGG after a few minutes because I thought I was losing brain cells. What am I missing? Why is it so popular? What is the appeal? For me its even worse than curious george. Thoughts?

Bethsix said...

I like Yo Gabba Gabba. They have some pretty awesome people on.

And I looove Caillou. He's like my favorite little bald inexplicably aged toddler ever.