Tuesday, November 9, 2010

blog writing for the invisible, impaired, and undernourished


As I write this post, Bean is standing transfixed and immovable, UNBLINKING in front of the television as she watches another riveting episode of SuperWhy. Don't judge me: it's just that the schedule in The Last Homely House has been completely chucked out the window these last several days since we've been home. Chores go unfinished, work projects are left in bits on the kitchen table, and I do believe Chip is still looking for some business cards that we think might have been delivered sometime five days ago. I'm talking PILES and MESS and strange gift baskets sitting on the kitchen counter.

I'm also talking about the fact that I have some church projects that need doing and I haven't even begun to think about them, and I do believe I'm WRITING A BLOG POST instead of doing another work project that should have been done several days ago.

Have I mentioned that my computer was infected with something like 1,500 viruses and the dear Little Brother spent most of Sunday night remotely plugged in to my ailing laptop trying to breathe life back into it?

Also, it has stopped recognizing my camera completely (blinded by its beauty, surely) and I can't upload any of the pictures of Chip's belated birthday party from Saturday night where I made little topsy-turvy cupcake towers that looked like little layer cakes. Complete with white Mike N Ikes to look like candles.

I know you are so sad that you're missing out on the photographic evidence of my brilliance.

(I'm not really sure any of this is making sense, though it's making me feel so good to just throw it all out to you--- not the type of writing that I'd recommend... ever. No, I'd never recommend this type of throw-the-pasta-on-the-wall-to-see-what-sticks type of writing. But I'm doing it anyway.)

The thing is, I'm not sure if it's lackluster blog writing on my part (a huge possibility) or the fact that I've been bobbing in a sea of uncertain emotions and strange travel plans that has rendered me unable to write on a regular basis or the fact that you're all just busy people... but it seems as though your internet invisibility has become even more so lately. This is not the kind of thing that one should even talk about in polite society, but I'm doing it any way. Because I am crazy right now. And just generally wondering. And also: when you're trying to function on the questionable nourishment of leftover Halloween candy and old birthday cake, the first thing to go is your good judgement. I know you guys are out there, is what I'm saying, but I miss hearing from you. I'd like to know what you're up to.

I'd also like to know the following (please indulge me):

When your 2 3/4-year-old daughter is happy to do nothing but SNACK all day long, without proper meals, what do you do? I have tried to withhold snacks until lunch time or dinner time or whatever, but it feels wrong--- she's hungry. She's telling me she's hungry. She just doesn't want to eat everything at once. She's a grazer. So--- do you indulge the all-day-grazing? I'm sure she's going through some kind of crazy growth spurt because the sheer amount of grazing she's doing is off-the-charts (for her). So I'm also wondering if this is just part of this particular growth spurt and she'll settle into more of the breakfast/snack/lunch/snack/dinner thing at a future date. What say you, internets?


Anonymous said...

I indulged the grazing. I tried to make it healthy (ish) foods but I couldn't bear to listen to her complain about being hungry when I withheld snacks. I made sure she ate a good breakfast, had one snack before lunch, then from lunch on was a grazefest. I read somewhere that they need their big meals early in the day and not to be worried about a lack of interest in a proper dinner. It worked for us and though she's still a grazer, it's to a lesser degree and we have "real" meals now. Go with the flow, baby.

Sara Hammond said...

I still read every day! I am with you on the ups and downs. Glad you can ask when you need more lovin' though. A very good trait.

I agree with Shelly, grazing isn't a big deal. Go with it, and either you'll get used to it (and it will become normal) or eventually she will go 'back' to normal.


Bethsix said...

The small ones are grazers. It's fine, if not sometimes annoying. Griffon eats all the time. I'm talking ALL the time. Like, every minute. All minutes.

They settle into more normal patterns when they grow and can't be bothered to fix themselves breakfast. I think that's a much more grievous issue, really.

In the meanwhile, cheese and strawberries.

Rose said...

My opinion is you can allow them to snack on things that you don't mind them snacking on. Like apples, oranges, carrots, etc...

Then, cut off snack time about an hour or two before any meal time. If they say they are hungry, say "You'll have to wait for lunch."

Amanda said...

I don't like to make a big deal out of eating issues. When I'm hungry I eat. I think it should be basically the same for kiddos. I mean don't feed her Halloween candy and bday cake, that's something you have to earn as an adult :)

Midnight Rambler said...

I don't have any little ones, but I can definitely NOT advise on the issues of snacking, because as I sit here reading your blog (as I do every day, even though I am a lousy commenter), I am chowing down on chips and salsa (albeit, Guiltless Gourmet chips and homemade salsa). So what do I know? But I do know that I am here reading you. You are not alone out there in the Interwebs!!

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Oh I'm here, dear Whimsy. Just overwhelmed more than usual.

And on the snack front: I used to have strong, strident views on snacking (when Z was a "verging on overweight" toddler according to the peds). Then I was told that my second (then) 12 month old was "dangerously underweight" and I should indulge any and all snacks. Whatev. I now let the girls eat reasonably healthy snacks when they're hungry, up to 1 hour before a meal.

Bird said...

I'm still here, every day. Lately, I've been forced to use the "old computer" since DMS needs the "new computer" for work. This just means that I read but don't often comment since the "old" hates the internet and other newfangled creations.

As for the grazing, sometimes I indulge the "snack all day" requests w things like chicken and green beans for snack or fruit or a compromise meal (veggie stix with meat balls). Overall, I feel like he's not wasting away so a bout of grazing isn't the worst thing in the world.

LaShaunna said...

My son who is the same age as your little one is going through the same thing right now. I think it's the age, cause all my kids have done it. I let them graze as long as they are eating something that has some nutritional value....and if they are also eating regular meals with us.