Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a GAME for the tuesday-after-thanksgiving doldrums



I come to you from the great city of Boise, Idaho--- and if I had stayed longer than a single evening, I would most definitely (and finally) meet up with Midnight Rambler and coo over her delightful city (because Boise is delightful, usually). But today it stands between me and my home. A home I want to be in by clicking my heels three times quick and POOF. Alas and alack, my ruby slippers are somewhere between Utah and Washington and so we face the slog with a Jeep full of luggage and a travel-weary husband and fruit snack flinging 2-year-old.

I had the very best of intentions to bring you the Full! In-Color! Excitement-Beyond-Measure! Black Friday detail post, but I left my power cord in the car. So before the laptop dies I propose a GAME.
I am going to post pictures from the past several days and YOU dear reader, get to vote on which picture should be detailed in story form here at The Creamery on Thursday. I promise that each picture holds behind it a veritable CORNUCOPIA of dish--- be it in the form of hilarity, sweetness, sauciness or otherwise.

Without further delay, shall it be:

(Each comment counts as a single vote - and because I'm feeling generous you may vote as many times as you want. That means that if Alicia decides to come in here six times to vote for her favorite, she darn well can. Voting will be open until 12:00pm Pacific on Wednesday.)


Shelly Overlook said...

I'm torn between #2 and #4.

Sibley Saga .... said...

I like the looks of #2 as well. Looks very 'storyworthy'.

Chelle said...

I'm with the other two ladies - #2, please. It looks like it could inspire a promising and fun-filled jaunt into whimsyland.

serenity now said...

My first vote is for #2.

Andrea said...

I would love to hear about #4.

ixBeths said...

I vote #2. Mostly because you look like you're about to bust into dance.

#4 is a close second.

I totally recognize that carpet in #1.

serenity now said...

My second vote is for #4. Yep, I'm voting individually for each one I want 'cuz you said we could. And 'cuz I think it's better that way.

serenity now said...

Aaaaannd now I'm voting for #5.

Sara Hammond said...

#2 is my choice. Looks like you are ready for something big!

Melanie Condie said...

#3 for obvious reasons. I love those sweet faces.