Friday, November 5, 2010

ponies, pigtails, and pictures


We came home to red. Red leaves dotting the trees, drifting down in piles along the ground. The air is unseasonably warm--- warm as early September, warm enough to walk in the sunshine in just shirtsleeves.

But it's nothing like New Mexico.

Last Saturday we drove with Matt and his family to a nearby county corn maze and fair. It was our best attempt for normalcy and fun.
And it gave Bean her most favorite memories of the trip.

That of ponies and drums.

- - -

I've asked her a number of times--- last week and each day since, "Hey Alice, what did we do on our trip?"

"I rode a horsey! A horsey!"
"What was his name?"
So this is Buttons. Long-suffering kiddie pony extraordinaire.

She pulled his ears and touched his eyelids and pet his very fuzzy mane.
I'm not sure who had more fun: the small girl-child riding the pony or the adult father-figure holding her hand.

What do you think?

- - -

"Hey Alice, what else did you do on our trip?"
"I played drums. And pie-ya-no."

This is what we tried to do for her each day: a sense of fun, a gift of rhythm, a piece of something that she can carry with her.

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Bethsix said...

So cute. She'll have such great memories