Thursday, November 25, 2010

thank full


I am full of thanks for:

This country we live in and excellent music and good company and a body that works even when my neck is still iffy and Chip my lovely lovely lovely husband and sweet Alice Bean and dancing in huge sweeping circles in Las Cruces and Fergus the stripey and Phoebe the super hairy and speaking of super--- good movie quotes like Don't even joke about that because I'm super hungry and my mom who I'm betting will get up with me at 3am Friday morning for a brutal assault to the holiday shopping senses and Winston, dear Winston and the big sister Kimmie and the older brother Curtis (not-a-bum) and the Little Brother Steve who isn't so little and nieces and nephews who grow up to be wonderful human beings and God and my mother-in-law who is sweet and wonderful and patient all at once and a roof over our head and Chip's JOB even when it has him traveling all over creation and seven years (!!!) of marriage and Alice in footie jammies and my crackberry and good good friends and Kate and Amanda and excellent books and favorite writers who feed me with their words and Alicia my internet sister and naps and warm blankets and yes again The Rainbow Connection and my ipod and fuzzy socks and Advil when I'm feeling hurty and sun and ferglings (baby Canadian geese) and the movie Fly Away Home and Joss Whedon who is a genius and while we're at it: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel and Firefly and anything those characters have ever said and my dearest friend Wandering Nana and my sewing machine and Nancy Wolff the designer because she makes the most delicious fabric designs and the way Alice says delicious which is something like de-yish-yush and speaking of Alice the way she sings the ABC song with all her heart and soul-- her voice rising at the peak of the song and cuddling and my friend John and knock knock jokes and Christmas and my sweet memories of Buddy and Buddy--- definitely Buddy and Matt and Ana and little Emilie and the time I spent in the beautiful desert and Amy the blogger and fabulous Eleanor Q and Chip, always Chip, Chip forever and chocolate and running and my trusty treadmill and my really great running shoes (Brooks) and Stacie and her family and Kathleen who I love hearing from and I still owe her a package and Clueless But Hopeful Mama and Midnight Rambler who I always think of when I'm in Boise and one day I need to MEET HER and yes Scooby Doo and Heidi W and all the wonderful e-minions and the MINIONLYMPICS because that was just awesome this year and driving in a car with Chip and pom pom fringe and corduroy and lotion and Angela with all the wonderful talks we've had and just about anything made with ginger (smelling things and eating things, just... anything) except savory things made with ginger because they are usually pretty yucky and the lovely song I Think I'll Go Back There Someday that Gonzo sings in The Muppet Movie because it's terribly underrated and oh so pretty and dear Spadoman and his wonderful gift to Alice that hangs in her room and wiggly puppies and painting and beauty and Fall and the first snow and boots and rainboots in puddles and my old friend Chad (so glad to have you around again!) and wonderful Karen and Sharon and how good it was to visit with them this summer and warm baths and quiet and my laptop when it isn't feeling sick and work and Alice's blankie Bo and cold cold water and bread pudding WITHOUT nuts and because nuts do exist in a world where my child is deathly allergic--- epi-pens and people who care about me and my family and Aimee and Tammie and Andrea and so many people who have impacted me and lovely Samwise and Michelle G who made me a wonderful cake and an even more wonderful book of thoughts after the whole neck debacle this spring and perfume and trees and leaves that change color and mountains and sticky hot sunny days to go to the zoo and polar bears and pajama pants and dessert and jelly beans and patterns and heaters that work and bright orange swimming pools and the things I learned from M and cream and caramel and our DVR and Jefe and sinus medicine and candles and soft kleenex when my nose is drippy as it is right now and the effervescent Shelly Overlook and Clueless But Hopeful Mama and overhearing this conversation between Winston and Bean (Winston: You're back again? Bean: Yes. Winston: What do you have this time? Bean: This! Winston: Why do you have that? Why did Grammy give that to you? I'm not sure you should be playing with that. I'll take it from you. Bean: Can we watch Super Why? Let's watch Super Why! Winston: Oh, that's just great. Grampy loves you. You're a good kid. Bean: Good kid!) and Pickles & Dimes and Erin P and Statia and Rose and warm cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven most especially when I didn't have to make them and Sara Hammond and Bzzzgrrrrl it's been far too long and watching Bean cook with Grammy in the kitchen and Parking at Home and Amanda from inside the computer and my sewing machine (have I mentioned my sewing machine?) and fabric fabric fabric and a tiny little girl child to sew for and sweater pants and every other commenter that I have failed miserably to mention (I am so sorry) and the GMBOA and cold medicine and sleep and our bed at home which is my favorite bed of all all all time and just there are so many things in this list that are repeats from last year because that's the way it should be: the things that exist in our lives, the small things and the gigantic things and the things we take for granted and the surprise things and the things that we come to expect, to count on--- I am so grateful for these things, and as last year: for you. I am thankful for you. Always.

Happy Thanksgiving, from this creamy heart to yours.


bzzzzgrrrl said...

Sometimes, I am reading your blog, and maybe a little hoping you'll give me ideas for my month of gratitude series, and then I'm in your blog as a thing you are thankful for.

Indeed it has been too long, but please know I'm reading and loving every blessed word you write. And I am thankful for each one of them.

Bird said...

And to you Miss Whimsy, a wonderful, happy Thanksgiving filled with family and love(and clear sinuses?)

Enjoy the holiday with your family, safe travels back home my dear internet friend.

Midnight Rambler said...

Have a blessedly wonderful Thanksgiving with family and loved ones. I do hope that the sinus fairies clear up your head and the little head of Miss Bean. And any time you are passing through Boise, we are just up the road from the Co-op. It would be absolutely wonderful to meet you.

Peace and love!

Sibley Saga .... said...


I love this time of year when hearts are full and so is my tummy. I'm grateful for you, too, my friend.

Bethsix said...

xoxo happy thanksgiving oxox

angelalois said...

ahhhh I love this annual post. "Advil for when I feel hurty" -- hilarious!