Monday, September 19, 2011

From the bottom to the top

I write to you from the exotic locale of flat on my back.

The reality of New Pregnancy, Whole New Realm of Pregnancy Symptoms hit a few weeks ago. It started with some twinges of pain at the back of my leg... Thought it might be muscle spasms or something. Then in the days following, it grew and grew until I could barely stand.

Now I have a diagnosis under my belt and a sincere pain in my... Um.

Let's just say, I am looking for any and all suggestions y'all might have to deal with sciatica. I have a prescription for physical therapy-- which I am going to (begrudgingly) pursue, but tell me whatcha got.


Alicia said...

Oh man. I got nothing.

I had severe pelvic/pubic symphysis dysfunction with Anneke, and to a lesser degree with later pregnancies. Horrific.

I think PT is supposed to help (with both sciatica and PSD), but I never tried it. A chiropractor too, maybe? And then also laying on your back. Which I guess doesn't help but makes you not have constant pain.

Here's a story for you. (This is like when I told my coworker I was having surgery, and he said at least I wasn't having my leg removed like his 30-year-old brother-in-law. Which was true.) When my grandmother had a hysterectomy 30 tot 40 years ago, the surgeon SEVERED her sciatic nerve. She's had severe, chronic pain ever since, and has tried everything... acupuncture/pressure, massage, meds, PT, nerve blocks, etc... but nothing really works. (Because, OBVIOUSLY.)

Sibley Saga .... said...

My sister had insane sciatica problems with each of her 5 pregnancies. I know she had regular chiropractor visits which helped and I 'think' she sat on a funky donut pillow for a while, too.

KAY said...

Uh, i think some preggo book mentioned sleeping on your right (?) side and using a pillow between your legs to keep your hips even.

tearese said...

I've known several people who swear by those support belt things, that are supposed to relieve pressure from all that pregnancy stuff.

Melanie said...

I never had sciatica but I had problems with my si joint. Same general area. I had to go to physical therapy and get my butt massaged. Wasn't my most favorite thing ever but it definitely helped. After about 4 weeks of going the pain was totally gone. I guess it was worth the humiliation.