Friday, February 29, 2008

making up for lost time

I just couldn't stand it and had to update AGAIN because I just know you've been missing me. I have a million things I want to write about, but for now, I've got this:


You have to get into your car by climbing into the passenger seat and scaling over the center console because you can't fit into the space between the driver door and the car parked next to you.

People who have previously been eyeing your belly and (let's be honest) your BUM with a very critical eye, probably thinking something like hmmmm too many donuts are now approaching you with gleeful abandon as they exclaim WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN and you smile politely and say NINE MONTHS AGO, MS. OBSERVANT MCJUDGEY PANTS.

It's your last day of work, your feet are swollen over the tops of your mary janes, and you could really care less that the entire front of your shirt and belly are covered in granola bar crumbs.



Chip said...

You know your wife is 9 months pregnant when:

- you make 4 different calls on her behalf to set appointments for a bikini wax (prep for C-Section) and massage

- your wife says, “we’re not having this baby until you sterilize this house.”

- your wife’s tummy resembles your tabby cat because she is so stretched to the max

- your wife makes you sleep in another room with the door shut for 4 nights while you have the sniffles (OK I agree with this)

- your wife finally lets you open a present for your baby. (BTW Thanks to all who sent my wife and Bean a present or 2, because she was so excited to see that people were excited for her.)

- you can see a mixture of Glow & Torrent in her face all at the same time. (It’s Beautiful)

- her hug makes everything worth it

nomadicspud said...

I have missed your posts. I just love the way you say things.

wandering nana said...

Just think," tomorrow, tomorrow, You'll love her, tomorrow is only a day away!" (sorry, it's just so exciting.) (yes, I did sing this as I typed it.)

tearese said...

ooo, I don't think you should announce to people about the tummy, Chip...I'd kill my husband if he did that!
I wondered if you had disappeared of the face of the Earth!
I was always wondering about people who don't notice the pregnancy until late..but yesterday I saw my neighbor out taking her garbage, and she was obviously at least 8 mo. pregnant. And I thought, "When did that happen?" I didn't even think she was fat or anything up to that point. I guess sometimes we aren't' very observant.