Thursday, February 21, 2008

thursday tips

It is inadvisable to eat The Best Granola In The World while hunched over your computer keyboard. The exact same keyboard you VACUUMED just last week to remove any previous, um, food debris.

When your ankles are actually larger than what was previously the widest part of your foot (that part just before the toes) - it is probably a good idea to stay off the feet for a while. Continuing to toddle around the house like an engorged Weeble-Wobble (Weebles wobble but they don't FALL DOWN!) will only anger the ankles. Angry ankles are not our friend.

There is a directly proportional relationship to the amount of time and energy you spend to direct your husband how he can best make up the spare bed for your Best Friend (THE WIFE!) who is coming into town the very next day and the likelihood that one of the cats will claim the newly made-up bed for their very own.

Over-exposed floating head me, telling it like it is.


Artemisia said...

I eat at my desk all the time and therefore have to vacuum my keyboard CONSTANTLY.

Love the photo!

The Wife said...

But the BED is so puffy and soft and lovely!

Many thanks to the Chip for faithfully following the Whimsy's "direction" so that the Pregnant Girl could sleep and ALSO get up to pee 4 frillion times in the night!

Pickles & Dimes said...

You are so cute!

I eat at my desk too. It's kinda gross to me, but I don't really have an alternative.

The Bradley's said...

Okay, you don't know me, I'm Melissa's friend Sarah. I saw that she's on her way to you and decided to check out your blog. I don't know your whole story but I SO wish I had waited and/or gotten a 2nd opinion about my c-section. I now know that it was unnecessary and it's a bummer because I really wanted to experience natural birth. Sure, a c-section isn't the end of the world. But if it's not what you want ask questions and take charge. It's your body and your baby. That is all. Sorry, I know how much unsolicited advice is worth...nothing...but it made me sad to read your posts and remember being there. Oh, a poopy diaper just walked over here...must go now. Good luck!

wandering nana said...

A Weeble Wooble!That is probably one of the funniest things I have read... but having experienced pregnancy 5 times it is the best description I have ever heard of a prego lady. My hardest thing was not seeing my feet to even know if I had the same shoe on each foot (in too big of hurry to sit down to see. Maybe someone will someday develop a special little TV that you can hold over your belly that will show the feet. We finally purchased a long mirror after the #3 which did help. My cat does the same with every bed in the house..oh to be a cat.

nutmeg said...

Totally off topic - still breach? Have you tried a chiropractor who specializes in turning? Finn was breach until 5 days before birth. My dr. sent me to said chiropractor who turned the baby with pelvic adjustments. It took three visits. They also had me take Pulsatilla for 24 hours and to soak in the tub that day. I felt and saw the baby turn while in the tub about halfway through my pulsatilla day.

Do not take medical advice from crazy internet chicks without talking to your doctor - but it worked for me!

Chelle said...

If it's any consolation, I have a similar problem: I can't ever seem to pull myself away from my desk to eat breakfast, lunch, snacks or the ubiquitous office junk. I think the custodian probably shrinks in horror at my crusty, dusty keyboard.

So, on a completely different note, I was sorry to miss your shower but I have a little token for your bouncing baby Bean. Unfortunately, I don't know where you live and didn't see you at church... maybe you're not even in town?! Anyway, let me know the best time/place to get it to you.