Thursday, February 14, 2008


That pesky perspective thing just keeps biting me, and I've got to just give in to it: I GET IT. THERE ARE THINGS THAT ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE LESS THAN SAVORY STATE OF ORGANIZATION IN MY KITCHEN CABINETS.

I spent 25 minutes listening to a woman SCREAM at me about the fact that she bought a whoozit that didn't match the pair of whatzits she also bought back in December and she couldn't believe that no one told her they didn't match exactly and by the way THIS IS THE END OF THE WORLD. (I would have put that whole paragraph in CAPS if I had the energy, but I didn't want to pass on the ANGRY because really, it needs to stop somewhere and I'm choosing me.)

This lady? Screaming bloody murder lady? She puts things in perspective. When she's all WHAT IS THIS COUNTRY COMING TO about a whatzit? It's just so asinine as to be HYSTERICAL.

So I'm taking back the night, so to speak, and am gosh darn it going to be FINE with things. Fine. Also - how can I not be fine when I have amazing readers like you?

There is a list running around in my head of The Good of Today and I've got to share because maybe it'll make you smile too, even though it's really an all-about-me list.

Here we go:
- The assistant manager at our on-site catering company came by and gave me a lemon sour cherry coffeecake from Macrina bakery today. Just because.
- The manager of the cafeterias and the catering company in our building bought me lunch today. Just because. (I'm thinking I must've looked particularly pathetic yesterday for both the manager and the assistant manager to do something so sweet - then again, they're really really KIND people.)
- My mom called today to tell me how excited she is to come and help after Bean is born. We can drive each other a bit crazy sometimes, but I do love this woman to death, and she makes the most AMAZING chocolate chip cookies and homemade bread and jam - and maybe maybe maybe we can entice her to do some baking while she's here... oh it will be heaven.
- Mom's major point about helping after a baby is born is to come and help with the laundry and the cleaning and the cooking and leave good baby-bonding time to me and Chip. This is MY KIND OF WOMAN.
- Chip & I had the most wonderful time with his mom at our house last night. It was really, really good.
- Bean received some amazingly generous gifts today from some of the people I work with in my building, as well as a group of folks from Oregon.
- Chip's sister G is also coming to help after Bean is born. She's amazingly capable and very selfless.
- Last, but certainly not least: THE WIFE IS COMING TO VISIT HERE IN 7 DAYS AND I'M SO EXCITED I CAN HARDLY STAND IT. I can't even promise coherent posts while she's here. Maybe some photos with partial captions like "us laughing". There might be a lot of those.


Artemisia said...

Dammit you're sweet.

Enjoy the coffee cake, seeing as how I only got around to making those weird no-bake cookies -- THREE DAYS LATE.

The Wife said...

Cracking me UP! Which doesn't take much because I am pregnant and sleep deprived and it's FRIDAY--but STILL!


I'm so glad you got some free yummies, you deserve it! And I want a list of those lovely gifts darn it! I want to know what I NEED NOT BUY before I head out there!

wandering nana said...

Okay, I did not realize you worked retail. I have been there, done that and can I tell you people get upset over the dumbest things. I worked at a furniture store in the office. One of the guys who did the ordering once put things in perspective for me and I have never forgotten it. He would get off the phone after listening to a complaining customer and would yell at the phone.."lady, it's not a dialysis machine. You're not going to die if you don't get your couch!" So when I get upset about something I always picture him yelling at the phone. I love your list but who is the "Wife"?