Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the phoebus and sister fergusina mcstripeypants

What?! You're actually expecting CONTENT today? Like I have the mental capacity to think beyond babybabybabybabycomingin12days and workworkworkwork Ihavetogetmydeskinorderinlike6days and ohmyohmyohmyTheWifeiscomingtovisitTOMORROW... you have way too much faith in me, Internets!

Instead of thought-provoking posts you get the following pictures pulled off my phone:

Sister Fergusina McStripeypants

The Phoebus

And then there's this:

It was some cereal that Chip & I were totally laughing about at the grocery store. See, it's GORILLA MUNCH? But look at that shape, people, if I'm not mistaken, it looks a bit more like Gorilla Poo Pellets. But that could just be me. I'm thinking a lot about poo lately.


Artemisia said...

Those kitties look adorable. I am slowing starting to understand why so many folks insist on loving those little devils...

BABY IN 12 DAYS! Holy cow! Thinking of you!!

How freakin' exciting!

Pickles & Dimes said...

Only 12 days??? Where did the time go?

Your kitties are seriously cute.

I need to go buy that cereal - NOW. "Gorilla munch" - heh.