Thursday, May 29, 2008

and another reason why I love this man

Looking through the tv channels, notices that Titanic is on TBS and has one hour remaining.
Chip: What do you say we watch people die for an hour?

Also, tell me this: why would they film three different endings to Lost? And then there's this: are they ever going to FEED the baby? If I kept Alice hungry for the HOURS they've been carting that baby around the island, she would have up and MILKED A COW.


Pickles & Dimes said...

Chip is hilarious!

artemisia said...

Ha ha, Chip gets to the point.

I've yet to see a single minute of Lost. I know, I know! I am adding it to Netflix RIGHT NOW.

wandering nana said...

Thanks Chip. I couldn't have said it better myself. About LOST- I must admit, I watched it in the beginning. Haven't watched it at all until last night. I was caught up with the 1st hour. I also want to know who brought the sun screen to keep the baby from getting burned. Then I heard you won't know everything for 2 years!!! What are they taking a vacation? Us oldies memories won't last that long... will I have to watch all over again to help me remember what happened? This is why I quit watching it.

tearese said...

no, they mean there are two more seasons, both starting in February like this year.
Thats funny about Aaron. I wonder how many actor babies have played him now? Oh..and did you see how HUGE Walt was? no wonder they had to take him off the show and set it three years later.