Friday, May 23, 2008

my childhood friend is going on a date with bob sagat

Chip walked up to me a while back and asked if I knew my friend Stacie was going on a date with Bob Saget from Full House. WHAT??? According to Chip, she was going to a wedding with him - and she'd written about it on her blog.

It turns out that my husband is a TOTAL SKIMMER (tm Tessie), and Stacie had had a DREAM about going on a date with BOB SAGET. My favorite part of this story is how I didn't really overthink the possibility of Stacie dating the dude... because she lives in LA and these kinds of weird things happen to her all the time.

Stacie and I have been friends forever. And we've done our share of weird stuff (going on mystery dream dates with Bob Sagat notwithstanding):

- We had pretend businesses in my family room. The most notable: A&S Computers, where we sat at little "desks" and made "disks" out of black construction paper (when the huge floppy disks were all the rage). Our favorite thing was to write in white colored pencil on the black paper.

- We had a wedding for our Cabbage Patch dolls in Stacie's backyard. I HAVE PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF. And we both wore our one-piece plaid jumpers. (I topped my ensemble off with knee socks and sandals.) Our parents attended the gala, and Stacie's longsuffering older sister Heather performed the ceremony.

- We made tapes for each other. It became this thing, where we'd each carry around these little tape recorders and just talk and do random stuff like interview our parents (Stacie: What are you doing right now? Stacie's Mom: Making dinner.) and then exchange our tapes. Have I mentioned that we lived AROUND THE CORNER from each other? And we saw each other every day? We made tapes for each other for YEARS.

- One summer Stacie came with us on our family vacation to my grandparents' farm in Idaho. Some of my best vacation memories EVER stem from this trip, including this exchange between me, Stacie, and The Little Brother sitting in the back of my dad's Acura:
Little Brother: SHUT UP!!! SHUT UP!!! SHUT UP!!!
Whimsy: NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!
Little Brother: YOU'RE CLOSER!!! I CAN'T REACH HER!!!

Good times. Tomorrow is Stacie's birthday. I've known her forever. Love her to pieces. Can't wait until she visits in early June.

Happy Birthday, Stacie-Racie. I love you.


stacie d said...

I LOVE YOU TOO! You made my day with this, thank you! And thank you for all the years of friendship - I can say with 100% confidence that my life wouldn't be the same without you in it! (Carina, my Cabbage Patch Kid, would be that's one thing) I'm sooooo looking forward to seeing you all in a couple weeks!

tearese said...

awe, what a fun friend! Thats hillarious how chip skimmed that post. (FYI, I almost called your husband "Skip". haha.)

artemisia said...

Skimmer busted! Too funny.

Have fun with your friend; friends like those are few and far between. Just last night I stayed up late talking with JelBel, one of my two best friends. So good for the soul.