Thursday, May 8, 2008

so you think you can sleep sleep sleep

Currently residing in our bed:
- An exhausted, disheveled, snoring Chip.
- An exhausted, fuzzy, purrdling Phoebe.
- An exhausted, rosy-cheeked, sighing Bean.
- An exhausted, stripey, fish-breathed Fergus.

Currently missing from our bed:
- An exhausted, sore, blurry-eyed Whimsy. Because I'm here with you, keeping it real.

Last night was both glorious and truly sucktastic. Sucktastic because of the after affects from The Shots. The day of The Shots she pretty much just slept. We brought her home, fed her, and she was in and out of consciousness all day. Yesterday her system seemed to perk up just enough to make her feel terrible without totally taking her out of the game. The end result was a borderline inconsolable baby. She wouldn't even let Chip hold her. It was All Mommy All the Time from 6am until midnight. I shudder to think what she would have been like without the Tylenol. On the other hand, horrible as it was, there was this level of TEAM WHIMSY SPIRIT that I've never witnessed. Like we're in this together - we're gonna get through it - whatever it takes - if we have to drive to Tacoma and back - it's going to be okay kind of thing. Chip was amazing and fantastic. Totally Johnny on the Spot Guy, offering me whatever support I needed (including a neck rub that seriously saved my life). Bean proved once again to be Easy Baby 2008, because she did finally drift off at midnight, and I have a strong feeling that a less amiable baby would have been Up All Night.

Before anyone goes there - I'M NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT A BABY THAT HAS JUST HAD HER SHOTS. I'm not. I was ready for this to happen, I'd heard both sides of the story: the babies that are all La La La I Had My Shots and Everything is Perfectly Normal as well as the babies that are all HOLY CRAP THE WORLD IS GOING TO END BECAUSE I HAD MY SHOTS AND DUDE I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW MUCH THIS HURTS HOLD ME HOLD ME HOLD ME. Luckily Alice got through it - we're all fine here now.

Ready to get back to business.

Also: someone tell me WHY they even ATTEMPT to create any sort of will he/won't drama for David Archuleta. The dude is going to win American Idol. Just hand him the microphone already and move on to SOYOUTHINKYOUCANDANCEDANCEDANCE.


nutmeg said...

Well, I've been here for an hour catching up. You've brought back such lovely and vivid memories of my first! I have about thirty comments rolling around, but, let me just say, you are clearly one awesome mama. Alice is delicious and very lucky and I'm a little in love with Chip!

artemisia said...

Oh, the shots are hard on EVERYONE, no? Little M. had his last week. Oh, I tear up just thinking about it. I put on a brave face (voice) on the phone for my sis, and then hung up and promptly cried into A.'s shoulder.

You mamas are TOUGH.

Also - LOVED your last post.

emily said...

my dad always likes to say: the scriptures never say 'and it came to stay' this too shall pass! and like the new country song says 'you're gonna miss this, you're gonna want this back ...'
hang in there and remember - i'm always a great pinch hitter on team whimsy! love you - all 3 of you!