Thursday, May 15, 2008

Q: how did I manage to get cheese whiz in my eye?

A: The same way I dropped my phone in the toilet.

Yes. You'd think I would know better or something. But if Amalah taught me anything, it's to persevere.

I was peeing (at least it wasn't NUMBER TWO) and my phone was in my back pocket. Chip was hanging out in the hotel hallway, pushing Bean in her stroller, waiting for me so we could walk down to Philadelphia's Old City District, and I thought yes I should pee before we leave. And after I'd done my business, I went to pull up Ye Olde Trousers, and PLOP that's when it happened.

Let me just offer this advice, if you ever happen to find yourself in the same situation: the 10-second rule doesn't apply, because even if your phone was only submerged for like seconds, it will still fizzle and pop (yes, it made actual SOUNDS in it's squirming seizure of death) as you watch the screen go to some weird DOS horrific ERROR ERROR ERROR HOW COULD YOU DROP ME IN THE TOILET WOMAN page before it goes black forever. Don't bother to scramble for a scratchy hotel towel and blot blot blot the phone, doing everything except mouth-to-mouth. It is dead. Gone. The way of all electronics that have been submerged in toilets. Say goodbye.

Chip mentioned, oh so helpfully on our walk to get the Philly cheese steaks (made with REAL CHEESE WHIZ of course) that there are no accidents, and maybe I was secretly hoping to get a new phone. In my defense, I have loved my little Motorola Q with its near crack berry capabilities because it has kept my insane list-making all IN ONE PLACE and also IN ELECTRONIC FORM. Which is very helpful.

Have I mentioned that it kept all my addresses, birthdays, and email addresses? And that I didn't back it up, like any self-respecting person would? (Brick and mortar friends, you have been warned. Please email me now and get me your info stat because I'm running blind over here.)

RIP, little Q.

So that's what happened last night. And then I got Cheese Whiz in my eye.


wandering nana said...

Don't throw it away! I did the same thing, well dropped my cell in the toilet ( I was holding it in my hand and had just cleaned the toilet and was picking it up to answer and plop. I quickly retrieved it. Wiped it off, blew on it, then opened it up and laid it keys down on a towel for the rest of the day and night. Next day it worked! Cats are well but they missed you. I spent time with them but they kept asking where you were and I assured them you would be home soon. They said okay and sat down and licked themselves.

ailene said...

Eeew! Even if it worked, I probably still wouldn't want to use it! That's just me... sorry to hear about your phone... and about your eye!

Whimsy said...

Wandering Nana: thats a likely story. Cleaning the toilet, eh? With phone in hand??? Hmmmm.

I miss the kitties too.
Thank you so much for keeping a good eye on them.

Emily said...

mine dropped in the washing machine ... talking while working ... and it went black as well ... i got my hair dryer out and dried it really good ... next day it worked! don't give up yet! CPR is not just cardio pulmonary resuscitation (sp??) it also stands for Cell Phone Resurrection!! good luck!

wandering nana said...

Honest! Someone called me and I had just started to clean the bathroom. Afterwards I put it on the tank and started to clean and it rang, thus picking it up. Hey, Ghandi (sp) drank his so what's the big deal? ")

tearese said...

worse thing that fell out of my pocket into the toilet was a pen or two. I think. Sorry about the cheese whiz. I hate it when that happens.