Tuesday, May 6, 2008


So I went to a photographer last week and had Bean's picture taken.

See, it was like this: sure, we take some great candid photos of her every day. Better than a photo studio would, I'm sure, at this age. But there's something about the actual picture with a background that's all pastel and smokey and the baby is just sort of sitting there all by her lonesome or there's a watering can sitting by her with some cheerful fake flowers and she's laying there on her belly wearing her best pink dress and frilly socks and it's totally unsuited for watering can weather but still it's just oh so CUTE... UGH. Anyway, I succumbed and thought it would be appreciated by The Grandma Contingent to have some photo-photos.

I went to this place that we'll just call Schmallmart. And you have to know that I have a tried and true HATE for Schmallmart, but that's another story. I called Schmallmart to make an appointment and asked the price. $7.95 for one pose, with a heck of a lot of pictures. I'm thinking HOLY MOLY PERFECT I can shell out $7.95 for a picture.

So I dressed the Bean in her tiny taffeta dress and put her in some of the most adorable pink shoes (SO CUTE YOU COULD DIE). Off we went to get her picture taken.

Then... well, I don't know how it happened except to say, you know how you plan to have one picture taken for $7.95 and get out of Schmallmart in two seconds flat but instead you're there for over an HOUR and you've just spent nearly TEN TIMES the aforementioned dollar amount and you're going to be receiving THREE POSES and more pictures than you'll ever know what to do with and they're so so precious and cute, but let's face it: every image is your adorable bundle of joy totally STONE FACED because there was no way in heaven she was smiling for the photographer?

Yes. So, um, maybe something like that happened.

And maybe it didn't.


ailene said...

I know how that goes!!! You see the adorable pictures and you just can't bear NOT to get those adorable photos of your children!!! Been there! :)

artemisia said...

Oh, they will be worth it. I know as an aunt I wish I could get two copies of the kids' photos: one for home and one for work. So, you just might use them all up!

emily said...

my suggestion is to ditch the 'penny a picture' at schmallmart ... and check out Kiddie Kandids in Babys R Us. They are GREAT ... not cheap ... but not EXPENSIVE ... but they do a great job! I'm sure she's adorable! can't wait to see them!

Heidi said...

Totally been there! I physically could not stop myself from buying almost every picture the one time I took my son in and I knew we couldn't afford to do that every three months... So we bought our own camera and I became a photographer. :)

I'd love to see them--I'm sure they're adorable (they're Alice!). :)

tearese said...

You wouldn't believe how much money we spent on Elora's first pictures, and the one we were planning on getting was supposed to be free. Ugh. I could see that coming when you started the story.