Friday, November 14, 2008

seven 7 seven 7 seven 7 seven

I am bowing to peer pressure. Pressure, I tell you!

I was tagged by Amanda at Four Molnars for this thing. It's the seven random things meme, and in case you aren't ALREADY tired of my bits of random, you're getting this, NEW AND IMPROVED RANDOM.

1. I collect salt and pepper shakers. I have an already extensive collection that I inherited from my dear Jackie (almost a grandma, except for that tricksy blood relative thing). Most of the pieces were collected in Jackie's lifetime: specifically the 20's through the 40's. I've added a few pairs, but they have to be pretty darn special to join the others. My favorites are the so-called go-togethers (a turkey and a roasting pan, a frying pan and an egg, the sewing machine and the thread). I also love the miniature ones.

2. I have the salt and pepper shakers on my mind because I've been getting them out of their many boxes to actually, you know, PUT THEM INSIDE THEIR CABINET. We've lived here for three YEARS and the poor S&P's have been living in boxes under the stairs for that entire time. Chip has asked me to NOT put them in their cabinet because as soon as I do, we'll move. Why does he believe this? Because we went through this rigamaroll at our last place: the S&P's sitting forlorn and sad in their boxes, we finally get a cabinet to put them in and I unpack them and enjoy their presence for exactly 41 seconds before we moved. (Okay, so that was a Chip quirk, but it's still quirky.)

3. The cabinet we bought lo those years ago at our last place? Is still unpainted. It has sat empty in our dining room for three years because I kept meaning to paint the thing. And I was all, "I don't want to unpack the S&P's and then have to pack them again to paint the cabinet! I'll wait until I'm done painting!" Annnnnd three years LATER... still unpainted.

4. I decided to bite the bullet and just UNPACK THE SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS WITHOUT PAINTING THE CABINET, hoping that Murphy's Law would come and kick my painting skills in the fanny. GET PAINTING, WHIMSY.

5. The cabinet has other issues, besides being unpainted. It has glass shelves. And for some mind-blockage reason that is beyond me, Chip and I have also taken FOREVER to get additional shelves cut for the thing. This says a lot about our weird spotty ability to totally GET SOMETHING DONE IN NO TIME FLAT and our other, darker, not so fun HORRENDOUS PROCRASTINATING. There was a lonely glass shelf just living in the back seat of my car for MONTHS, just WAITING for me to stop by some glass place to get more shelves cut. It never happened.

6. Instead, Chip surprised me and went to the glass cutting place and had shelves cut for me. But because yours truly had the sad glass shelf model sitting in the back of her car? Chip brought home a wonderful package of newly cut glass shelves... that were the wrong size. We now have to go BACK and get more shelves cut. (Do you want to know how long it took me to find out they were totally the wrong size? Here's a hint: they were wrapped in a newspaper from 2006.) I was sitting on the living room floor just a while ago, just DREADING putting that stupid lonely shelf BACK INTO MY CAR in order to MOTIVATE me to go to the glass cutting place.

7. I should be clear on this painting thing because I have REASONS for not painting the cabinet in three years and it's this: I couldn't decide. I've gone through many many different ideas. First it was to paint it green, then it was to stain it a natural color, then it was to stain it a dark brown, then it was to stain it black. I've come full circle and now I'm thinking I'm going to paint it red. (Chip: Red? Really? Are you sure? Whimsy: Yes, I'm sure. It'll look fantastic! Chip: mumble mumble mumble Whimsy: What was that? Chip: I said Please don't paint it. I don't want to move.)

At this rate, I'm going to be "unpacking" and "painting" and "setting up the cabinet" in FORTY YEARS.

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Amanda said...

I just enjoyed this post entirely too much! I have a bit of the procrastinator in me as well.

Sibley Saga .... said...

Ooooh I sooo understand. I have apart of my brain that randomly 'shuts down' occasionally and it's totally stuck in procrastination mode until my brain can re-boot. I think that part of my brain is still working on DOS and uses humongous 5 inch floppy discs.

emily said...

it only took me 3 weeks ... but i did it!