Monday, November 3, 2008


Coming down the stairs yesterday morning, Chip is sitting in the living room.

Chip: You just missed what might be the most important episode of Mythbusters ever.
Whimsy: Really? What was it about?
Chip: They investigated the practice of blue-darting. They also answered whether or not lighting a match actually covers up the, um, smell.

Why is this so timely at our house? Because Chip and I had a discussion about just these things the other night. We call them poots, in case you wondered (WHY WOULD YOU WONDER THIS?). At my sister's house, they're known as fluffs. When I was growing up, my mom got mad every time one of us called them farts. She preferred "passing gas".

(This is where you're thinking, 'Nice topic there, Whimsy.') So tell me: what do YOU call them?


The Wife said...

Depends on the potency.

"Normal" gas is just a poot.

Anything, um...well, if it makes the eyes of your loved ones water...well, that's Wicked Gas.

The Boy's contributions which are loud enough to ROUSE the family at a family dinner...well now those are usually, "DUDE! You FARTED!"

I know. We have our own version of Low Brow here at Burnstopia.

Cherish said...

I have four boys so "fart" is a pretty common word around my house. I tried to use alternatives when they were smaller but they just never took. Ive never heard the word "poot" before though.

Shelly Overlook said...

I don't even know what blue darting is.

Fluffs is sort of a cute term. I may have to start using that. My just turned 2 year old is beginning to find it hilarious when she toots.

Pickles and Dimes said...

Heh. We call them farts or toots.

Kristi said...

Growing up, we were forbidden from saying fart. I still have trouble saying the word! We always used poot, but I hate that word too!

I prefer passing gas, but used toot when my daughter was younger. Now that she's 6 she thinks fart is the best word ever.

Amy said...

We usually say toot. Before baby my husband and I used to call it "busting ass"...not sure why that's any better than just saying fart!

Heidi W. said...

When I was growing up we weren't allowed to say "fart" either. We weren't allowed to refer to it in anyway so we would disguise it by saying the classic "Who cut the cheese!" Mom never knew what we were talking about! As adults we fondly refer to them as "barking spiders" You know the phrase "You smelt it you dealt it?" We decided it was inappropriate to say this in public because everyone would know what we were talking about so we made up our new favorite word.. "smellafer" It makes a perfect answer to the question "Who did it?"!

emily said...

fart was forbidden in our house when i was growing up as well. sometimes my dad would ask if we saw that duck he just stepped on ... or if we saw that barking spider ... mostly we passed gas as well, or tooted. but now that i am married my husbands family calls them 'bubbles' so our kids have bubbles ... and that works for us ... and the stinky bubbles are precursers to 'spit bubbles' which as you can imagine is when there's a little spit in your bubble ... aka: sharting! too funny - i love that you are blogging about this! it makes me smile and chuckle a little to myself - sad ... why is it that potty talk is just so dang funny? and why does EVERYTHING rhyme with it?? honestly!? andy could make up an entire rap about the bathroom!

emily said...

o AND ... who is shelly overlook and where has she been? living under a rock?? a blue dart is when you hold a match or lighter to your bum while you "let 'er rip" and the flame is blue!! i have actually done it ... it's kinda funny - i was in college and i can't believe i just shared that!
although andy has NOT because he's afraid of fire being sucked back up into his bum - how he thinks that will happen i'm not sure ... but there you go ... TMI about the Shaws!

ebj123 said...

We call them toots in our house. :)

Chip said...

I had cap'n crunch coming out my nose while reading this.

My Sunday School Teacher had me and the boyz call it flatulence (flah-chew-lence)... It took the word fart to a whole new intelligent level. It took about 10 minutes before we made our teacher feel crazy for teaching that instead of sticking to the original lesson..

angelalois said...

I tried to post this the other day but my computer and I were fighting.

I think I told you we often refer to Wes-man, when he can clear a room, as "Vladimir Putin." so that should tell you what we call them in our house. It's strictly a Gottula thing. I called them 'farts' when I was growing up. But that just seems like such a not pretty word.

Tamara said...

Growing up the neighbors girls called them Popeye's. I never understood why, but we thought it was always funny.