Thursday, November 13, 2008

thursday thrift: holidays, interrupted

Written (badly) last night...

Well, I was going to talk about dialing down the Holiday Crazy this week, but the week itself sort of got in the way - which means that I'm typing this late Wednesday night. Which means that I don't have the energy to write what I'd like to write about Holiday Crazy. Which means that I'm sitting here, staring at the screen, and wondering WHAT HAVE I DONE THAT IS THRIFTY? IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN TALK ABOUT THAT'S THRIFTY THIS WEEK?

Here's what I've come up with: Whenever I set myself on a new track - be it a new way of eating, a new way of exercising, a new way of washing dishes, whatever, I always reach this point - it's about 5 or 6 weeks in - when I find myself stalled. More often than not, the stalled motion eventually (and quickly) becomes NO motion until I'm sort of rolling around in the intersection and eventually I get distracted by the pretty colors in a completely different direction and I wander off all La La La, forgetting my New World View entirely.

I think we're staring at this here Thrift intersection right now and I'm NOT going to get distracted by the pretty boxes down the road. NOT.

Don't get me wrong - I am continuing in my Increased Zeal to clip coupons, to painstakingly research and cost compare at the handful of grocery stores available to us (it's a pain in the REAR but I'm doing it). I am still doing some of the other little things I began a few weeks ago. It's just... even the best intentions can get sidetracked by brightly colored paper. Two weeks ago, Chip and I saved 40% off our grocery bill. Not kidding: we should have paid over $100 but the bill was $60. Now THAT'S a nice savings. But this week... we went in with a hasty list, shopped hungry (SUCH a no-no), and bought things without coupons that I'd left at home. Our savings? A measly 25%. Shameful!

So here's a call to reset, re-resolve, rededicate, and refocus on thrift.

Now for the cool thing this week: this link from the state of Washington. It's a month-by-month guide to emergency preparedness. How cool is this? By performing one task a month, you will be all up and prepared in a year's time. Beauty! (And I know - what does THIS have to do with thrift? As far as I'm concerned, if we all perish in some heinous volcano eruption, all the thrift in the world won't matter.)

Now. Your turn. Tell me something that you're rededicating yourself to do this week, this month, today, whatever.


Anonymous said...

I am rededicating myself to my husband. I only get to see him for a few hours each evening, yet each night one of us is on the laptop and our time together is, well, crap. So I resolve to not be on the computer at all at night and instead enjoy my husband. So far so good.

The Wife said...

I'm resolving to eat healthier. I already eat pretty healthy, but I eat hastily whilst the Boy is sort of calm and that means that I don't eat near enough vegetables, so I'm going to try to slow things down and eat some veg for crying out loud.

Along the lines of Holiday Thrift. I'm also resolving to CORNER the Husband if I have to in order to settle on a strategy for the Holidays. We've already told the families that we aren't doing gifts for them this year (they have enough stuff and we have a reduced income), but we need to devise a strategy for US. So, he doesn't know it yet, but I'm cornering him, and we're going to get this settled so that we aren't shopping at the last minute.

Pickles and Dimes said...

I'm resolving to redouble my efforts to find another job because it's sooooo slow here that everyone is afraid we're going to lay people off.

Also, starting next week, Jason and I are going to work out 4 times a week until the end of the year. (His idea. He didn't clarify what would happen come Jan. 1, but I am going to assume: Lots of Cheetos Eating.)

For the holidays, I think we'll probably spend less on each person than normal. Even a $5-10 cut will save us between $100-$200.

Also, I'm sure you've heard of these places already, but here's a bunch of grocery coupon sites (most are free). ($1 for 28 days, then $10/8 weeks) (Free) (Free) (Free) (looks like there's a $.50 per coupon order cost) (Free)

I was originally going to sign up for the Grocery Game after it was featured on our local news (they saved about 60% on groceries), but after reviewing it, I don't have the time to shop on certain days; our day is Saturday, no matter what.

Alice said...

i've been trying to re-dedicate myself to exercising. i FEEL so much better when i'm active. i feel better about myself, about my body, and about life in general. AND YET I DO NOT EXERCISE. i type this with damp hair, having just come from our crappy little one-room "gym" in our office building, where i worked out during lunch :-)

stacie d said...

I JUST wrote a blog about the fact that I exercised tonight (not something I do...ever...) and I actually liked it! I want to do it more! I'm looking for some songs to add to my new Workout Playlist. Maybe you or your readers can help!

angelalois said...

looks like everyone is saying the same stuff. My birthday is this week and hubby said he'd buy me an elliptical. I'm excited, but also nervous since with that expense, I'll actually have to use it.

But in more concrete terms, a moms & babies group today I only ate 1.5 cookies instead of the normal 4 cookies so I'm definitely improving.

Amanda said...

You've been tagged. Check my blog to see what you have to do!

artemisia said...

(Clearly, this mad flurry of commenting shows how behind I am on my Reader - sorry!)

I love this idea. I am re-dedicating myself to thankfulness. I used to exercise that daily, and what a difference it makes. I miss that part of me, so I am trying to get back into the habit of being thankful.