Monday, May 18, 2009

geeking out for swistle

Last week blogger Swistle ignited a controversy about, of all things,
dolls. Maybe controversy is too strong a word. A heated debate. Very passionate comments. Some strong opinions. See, Swistle shared a photo of a number of dolls she had collected four years ago. She was trying to figure out which dolls to get rid of, and which ones to keep. But the comments that were posted, repeatedly, were of the TAKE THEM ALL AWAY, RIGHT NOW, THEY ARE STARING AT ME! and THEY ARE GOING TO COME TO LIFE IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT AND CHOP EVERYONE UP INTO TINY LITTLE PIECES! variety. You know, all along the lines of YOU ARE SO CRAZY TO COLLECT DOLLS WOW WOW WOW.

I joined in the fun, you can be sure.

And then, well, and then fate handed me a nice big slice of humble pie in the form of this box.

I was cleaning out our hall closet and I found this box. This box that I hadn't seen in the four years since we first moved in to our townhouse.

I, um... don't know where to start. Except to say: IS THAT A TINY HAND COMING OUT OF THE BOX?

Yes, yes it is. Tiny and very well formed.

Almost... action figurey.

That looks like an entire box filled to the gills with itty bitty action figures. YOU MIGHT EVEN CALL THEM, **GASP**, DOLLS.

Um. How to explain? It was a Thing? A Lord of the Rings Thing?

(I still love them, the AF's--- even if they have been living in a crammed cardboard box for several years. And to explain, even a bit: I didn't buy them all myself. Some were GIFTS. Because I would write these hilarious emails to the Minions about the adventures of the action figures, and and and... good grief. There is no explanation that will fit. The best I can offer is that this is actually not the weirdest thing I have hidden in my house. There is something else, a silver-coated plastic man barbie nailed to a small wooden block, called a CREAMIE --gift from minion SS-- and maybe, if you're really really good, you might catch a glimpse of him here but that will have to wait for another day.)

So. Firstly: TOUCHE, FATE, YOU SURELY DO HAVE A GOOD SENSE OF HUMOR AND HAVE REMINDED ME THAT WE ALL HAVE SCARY DOLLS LIVING IN BOXES IN OUR GARAGE OR BASEMENT OR COAT CLOSET. (And one could argue that the action figures are even scarier because they have teeny tiny weapons.) And secondly: Oh action figures, how I've missed you.


Anonymous said...

You? Slay me!

Has Alice seen them yet?

Swistle said...

OMG so funny.

Heidi W. said...

Hahaha so funny!

M said...

Am laughing and crying all at the same time and seriously considering letting my AFs out of their similar box and allowing them to roam free...

until we move in a few weeks, in which case they'll end up in another box.

Poor AFs. All they want is freedom from tyranny and human treatment for all Free Born Plastic Figures (FBPFs). Maybe we should start lobbying.

artemisia said...

ha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA HA HAHAHAHAH HA HA HA H-*snort* -

Er. Okay. I am better now.

Hee hee hee hee tee!

wandering nana said...

Okay, these are creepy....

Kristi said...

These are AWESOME!!!

Eleanor Q. said...

The pictures are hilarious!! In our last house we had a shelf of toys, things that we liked that uh, others may not have understood why we held on to.