Sunday, May 24, 2009

a week in pictures

It's unlikely that any of you will even be reading this tonight, or the next day. Because I know what you do on your weekends (and your holidays), and it's certainly not read blogs. Since that's the case, putting these pictures up tonight is like posting them in my own private scrapbook. If my private scrapbook were sitting in the middle of a large city intersection where anyone and everyone could stop by, at any moment, and look.

If they wanted to look.

I'd want to look.

Wouldn't you?

There's a cat asleep here on the bed. I think she's waiting for my toes to join her. They will soon enough. Also a husband who is on Facebook. He's here too, right next to me. We're such a post modern modernity, with our laptops and our smartypants phones. Without further delay - last week in pictures.


I cleaned out the junk drawer in the kitchen. It was long overdue, since Alice had developed a keen interest in its contents. Namely a container of black shoe polish. That's her taking off with her contraband and then examining it in the living room. The kid can move pretty fast when she wants to.


That would be a drippy milk mustache. And big blue eyes.


Alice discovers Sesame Street and Elmo. And more specifically: wow, messy living room there, Whimsy.


I watched Alice carry this bowl around the house, filled with colored plastic links. The links kept dropping from the bowl, and Alice would stop, bend down, and carefully pick up each piece, placing it back into the bowl. She repeated this over and over. She almost convinced me that it was fun.


Chip fired up the barbecue on Friday and did up some really great chicken. My offering was roasted red potatoes and onions with a lemon cake for dessert. Lemon cake and warm sunny weather are go-togethery things, don't you think?


The fabulous Chelle, a friend from church, dropped off my winnings from a recent drawing she had on her blog. Anything coming from Chelle's kitchen is bound to be fantastic, and she didn't disappoint. She dropped off two of her tall vanilla cupcakes with rich fudge frosting (soooo good). So good, in fact, that I don't have a picture. Because we ate them. Ha! (To be accurate, we ate them tonight. And they were beyond yummy.)

So. What did you do this weekend?


wandering nana said...

We potted and potted and planted and planted and dug and dug and edged and edged and spread and spread and watered and watered and now, we are both exhausted beyond belief and still not done but at least people will think twice before backing up over our lawn. Oh, the Mr got some of those tasty cupcakes for his birthday from the famous chelle (that he shared with me ).

Eleanor Q. said...

This weekend I read your blog. I liked the picture of Alice as a blur. Doesn't that perfectly capture them these days?

Chelle said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the cupcake prize! And it was fun to deliver them so that I could see your adorable home. I will definitely be consulting you on the baby gear when I get around to figuring out what I want (need)!