Thursday, May 7, 2009

you'd think i'd be more on top of these things

But I'm not. Luckily I checked in with Statia tonight and found out that she's holding the Plain White Box contest NOW. So get on over there and enter soon (ends on Monday). And be extra especially nice to her, okay? She is in the advanced stages of pregnancy and you know how fun that can be. Maybe tell her how pretty she is.

Oh, and if you're newish around here and want to know why I am caring about a random box? It's not so random. See where it started here and here. (MY DREAM IS COMING TRUUUUUUUUUUE.)

Now get out of here and try to win that box.


statia said...

I'm totally saying this without snickering, but your box has been all over the place!

Eleanor Q. said...

I love that you had this dream to send a white box all over the world and now ITS COMING TRUE. How awesome. You should have a map widget on your sidebar with dots for all the places the box has been. Go forth and conquer, white box!