Wednesday, August 20, 2008

still loving those knickers

Take a look at what I got in the mail the other day:

YES, THAT WOULD BE THE RED KNICKERS AND BLOUSE. (My mom read the entry and found the picture. How sweet is that?) So let's review: I am wearing quite possibly the dorkiest pants ever made. I am also wearing white knee socks. Sort of like Pinnochio. I am wearing my plaid blouse (with PUFFED SLEEVES). I am carrying my red apple school bag. I am wearing a red stretchy belt (possibly my Crayon belt, I'm not sure). I am wearing my interchangeable colored band watch (you know - there was a green band and a white band and a black band and a RED band and I could pop the watch out the back and move it from band to band - TO MATCH MY OUTFIT). And I am standing in front of a giant key. Because every front room in the 80's had a giant key in it. This picture now bears record of my dorkitude. But I loved that outfit. Loved.

Something else I love? The Plain White Box. Which isn't so plain anymore. The box top is still white - and looking a little weird because the lining I put inside the lid sort of peeks out a bit. I'm hoping someone down the line will decorate the box top. I'll keep you posted on when Cherish receives the package, and also when she hosts her PiF.


Missy said...

Loving the whole ensemble. And the key! I want one.

Also, not sure if this makes it better or not, but I'm pretty sure I saw a top just like that at the shops the other day. Apparently the fashions have come around again.

Kristi said...

How sweet of your mom! The box looks great. Looking forward to following the progress!!

Anonymous said...

I had a remarkably similar outfit. Knickers- bwah!

Pickles and Dimes said...

Bwah ha - that outfit is SPECTACULAR. And that key? Perfect.

You should do a whole series of these - they're great!

The Wife said...

Whimsy in coordinated knickers? AWESOME.

We didn't have a giant key in our front room, oh no, we had a GIANT FORK AND SPOON MADE OF WOOD FROM GUAM.

My parents are so groovy.

Cherish said...

What a cute outfit! I think missy might be right about the blouse coming back again...

stacie d said...

Despite the knickers, blouse, socks, and (most importantly THE KEY!) look quite sassy! That's quite a pose.

By the way, seeing that intercom box really brought back some memories. Oh, the fun we had with that thing!!

Alice said...

i sort of love that outfit. and i TOTALLY had interchangeable watch bands! although, uh, no ginormous key.

YAY for decorated boxes! i'm all excited to follow it around the country, even though it's not coming to me. i love the internets.

Chip said...

She is the one
She's such wonderful fun
Such passion and grace
Warm in the night when I'm right in her tight - -
Embrace! Tight embrace!

I'll never let her go
The love we've known can only grow
There's just one thing that - -
No. I'll never tell. ~ X

Whimsy said...

Annnnnnd a big old shout out to anyone who can name what dear Chip is quoting...

"I'm having such a bad bad day,
Oh won't you throw that pad away?
I'm asking you please-- no?
It isn't fair!
There was no parking anywhere!"