Monday, August 4, 2008

last week

Third Time This Month

Whimsy: Where's the Benedryl you bought at the grocery store?
Chip: It's not in the bag? Are you serious?

- - - - -

Whimsy Doesn't Share Food

Chip: I found your package of cookies in the towel drawer.
Whimsy: Yes. I put them there for safe keeping. Along with the english muffins.

- - - - -

Third Time This Month

Whimsy: Do you know where I can find the new carton of milk? I looked in the 'fridge.
Chip: Are you serious? Did the grocery store not give it to us?

- - - - -

The Mount Everest Theory of Brownie Consumption

Chip: Wow. How come you ate so many brownies?
Whimsy: Because they were there.

- - - - -

Propping Her Eyelids Open with Toothpicks Didn't Seem Like the Right Thing to Do

Chip: Where's Alice?
Whimsy: Down for her nap.
Chip: But you just fed her.
Whimsy: Yes.
Chip: But... you kinda got mad at me yesterday for trying to put her down for her morning nap so early.
Whimsy: I know.
Chip: So... what's the difference?
Whimsy: She wouldn't stay awake. I tickled her, blew on her neck, burped her repeatedly. She was totally comatose, so I put her to bed.
Chip: Oh.
Whimsy: I even tried poking her. It didn't work.

- - - - -

No Really - Third Time THIS MONTH

Whimsy: Hey, have you seen the can of formula we bought on Friday?


Pickles and Dimes said...

GAH! What is UP with your grocery store! They're stealers, man!

Kristi said...

"Because they were there" is totally my new excuse for large amounts of chocolate consumption!!

Chip said...

what is the world coming to when a grocery store steals from the customers? I admit I stole a pack of Fruit Stripe gum back in the day, but now the balances are tipped and the grocery stores are up.

Missy said...

I love "because they were there." In fact, there is leftover birthday cake sitting right THERE on my counter. Gotta go.

CP said...

I'm thinking it's time for a new grocery store.

I actually have a problem with Whole Foods: my family likes one type of salami they have and only that one type. 3 out of 4 times I order it and they give us a different type. Which I realize when I get home. After paying $14/pound for it. And it happens over and over again.

(Yes- finally got smart and ask to taste a piece when they are slicing- fixed the problem. Took many many months before I came up with such a brillilant solution.)

Shelly Overlook said...

Your grocery store is evil and trying to make you crazy.

Fiona Picklebottom said...

I don't share food either. That's why there's a box of Mike & Ike's (the one you sent me) in the box where I keep all pictures that need sorting under the coffee table. And also, "because they were there" totally applies to me.