Monday, August 18, 2008


I officially declare this PACKAGE WEEK at The Creamery. I've finally got both Cherish AND Vicky's packages ready to ship (cue angelic choir). And hey, I have a great idea - how about I bait you with this teaser about having the packages ready to go, but I only talk about ONE of the packages today, and the other one tomorrow - or maybe Wednesday. Doesn't that sound like fun?

And yes, that would be Vicky's package that she won in JULY. Let's hope she thinks it was worth the wait. At this point, the boy might be in college. Happy graduation, son, here's a taggie and some other stuff. Now I know that the rule of the PIF is that Vicky will post a picture of the loot once she gets it, but I can't resist.

A peek:

One might argue that I'm ruining the surprise, but I promise that there is a bit more here than meets the eye. And besides, PRETTY COLORS! Now let me obsess about something: I loved making this package. I adore putting something together that will fit just right for someone - whether it's a box full of random surprises, or one Big Thing, I always want to make sure that the recipient really knows that the present was made just for HER. However, with this one, Big Dumb Whimsy really sort of, um, missed the boat. I kind-of geared this whole box toward a little boy that is a tad younger than Vicky's little shorty-pants (and boy is he CUTE - check him out here). The onesies? 3-6 MONTHS. The hat? 3 MONTHS. What was I thinking???

What's done is done, and even though this is going to eat me up inside, I'm sending it anyway. Because maybe Vicky can regift (I have no problem with this, Vicky, FYI). And then the giftee will be all, "YOU MADE THIS JUST FOR ME???" And then Vicky can say "YES, I SURE DID. JUST FOR YOU." Seems like a nice compromise, yes?

In other news, the Olympics this weekend presented some seriously AWESOME items for the AWESOME/NOT AWESOME list.

--Olympic racewalking. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MADNESS? I NEARLY PEED MY PANTS WATCHING IT. So very, very awesome.**
--Men's and Women's steeplechase. Isn't this a race normally for HORSES?
--Olympic... trampoline? Really?

I can make fun because every single one of these people (including the RACEWALKERS) could seriously kick my trash.

** A RACEWALKING fact: Did you know that these dudes can get DISQUALIFIED for running? There is this nutty panel of judges that watches the field and then totally FLAGS THE RACEWALKER if they are caught crossing the invisible crazy line between WALKING and RUNNING. This just kills me. Chip's favorite part was watching the passers-by lap the Olympians.


Cherish said...

oh my you are such a tease! And speed walking? Like WTF?

Alice said...

I DID NOT KNOW ABOUT SPEEDWALKING. OR TRAMPOLINING. will now need to utube these events. afternoon productivity: zero.

Vicky said...

I can't wait to get the package. It looks great and don't worry about the size. I have nephew that is just the right size.

I agree totally with racing walking being awesome.

Chip said...

I'm suprised the speed-walkers are not sponsered by "frequent urination" medical companies. (Maybe some are!) Just watching them made me anxious for no reason