Friday, August 15, 2008

that's never going to be the same, is it?

The one problem with the awesome/not awesome game is that I've totally ruined awesome in our house. FOREVER. All morning I was like, "Oh - that's so awesome." And then Chip was like, "And blah blah blah (insert badness here) is NOT awesome." I dare you. Try it at your house and you'll see what happens. It's both hugely entertaining and also a teeny bit irritating. But yes, you should TOTALLY do it too! You're very welcome.

So the case of the Augusts have sort of continued - what with the sticky sticky heat and the no air conditioning in the house and the small baby person who has decided that all she wants in life right now is to have mama hold her. I suspect some possible teething action, but I'm not 100% sure.


Awesome: Graham crackers and chocolate frosting.

Not awesome: Fake nilla wafers (the Fred Meyer brand) and chocolate frosting. Very very NOT awesome. I took a risk on the fake nillas and I am PAYING THE PRICE.


The Importance of being Allen said...

you have to tell me how to make those Taggie things. They are so cute "totally Awesome" and I loved the ones you made for the Bean. Oh, D has made a "pointy Cat" to replace the monster that Bean had stolen.

Yeah! I know what you mean Sticky and hot. We are just melting here and can't seem to spend enough time in our pool. Take Care and sit in the Tub, it "Awesome"! :)

Alice said...

i don't know how you do it without air conditioning. seriously. i think my insides start shutting down after prolonged exposure to heat / humidity.

tearese said...

awesome- the nights have been getting down to like 45 degrees, and a nice breeze comes in the window.
not awesome- we don't have ac either, and it can get to 95 outside during the day still.

Anonymous said...

awesome: yummy, red, juicy strawberries

not awesome: 5 hairy, white-fuzzed, mushy strawberries underneath the awesome yummy ones. K8