Thursday, August 14, 2008

awesome / not awesome

When life gets to be a little too, um, complicated for me, I like to return to the simple things. Things like thinking of the pieces of my day in terms of awesome/not awesome. Let me explain the complicated rules.

You have something happen, like allowing the baby to nearly fall off the couch because you looked away (stupid, stupid) and you review it like this:

Voice inside Whimsy's head: Hmmm - awesome? Or not awesome?
- - - - - thinking - - - - -
Whimsy: I'm going to go with NOT awesome.

It's great because everything can be now sorted into these two groups.

Awesome: Tillamook cookie dough ice cream.

NOT awesome: The cheapie strawberry ice cream we bought on sale. Chip said it actually tastes "carbonated".

Awesome: Alice in a diaper.

NOT awesome: Alice's diaper leaking liquid pooey bits on my lap. And a couch cushion.

Awesome: Alice crawling. No really. And she does it ON HER FACE.

NOT awesome: When Alice crawls on her face onto the hardwood floor. You think I'm kidding? We don't kid with the awesome/not awesome game.

Awesome: The end of this day.

NOT awesome: The record-breaking HEAT that is continuing into the evening. I don't think sleep is going to come easy tonight.

Okay, now it's your turn to play. Give me at least one awesome/not awesome.


Cherish said...

Hope you're feeling a little better after your awesome/not awsome game


awesome = Josiah learning to smile

not awesome = waiting for our freaking house to be ready!

awesome = home made oatmeal with brown sugar and milk for breakfast

not awesome = waking up with the baby in my arms and puke all over my arm and chest

Anonymous said...

Awesome - getting a 2009 replacement car to drive with only 44 miles on it, complete with new car smell.

Not Awesome - stupid car dealer letting me sit and wait for 2 hours (with toddler) before telling me they ordered the wrong part and car won't be ready until next day.

I like this, making me think of both sides of the issue. Wonder if it will help.

Maggie said...

Oh please tell me that you are going to post a picture of Alice crawling on her face. I do think that this could brighten many days.

Awesome = Today is FRIDAY!

Not Awesome = I have a ton of not exciting things to do this weekend.

The Wife said...

First I have to say Tillamook Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream truly is AWESOME--it's one of the things I deeply miss about living in Seattle.

Awesome: The Boy sleeping for 4.5 hours in one stretch last night.

Not Awesome: The 2 hours of crying it took him to fall asleep.

tearese said...

awsome- Joshua's new way of going to sleep. If I stand at his crib for five minutes he'll roll and play and giggle...then I sneak out and he goes to sleep without crying!
Not awesome- How late it is when Elora and he are ready for bed.

Susie Q said...

My awesome- the smell of my babies after they have just woken up and their sleepy faces, and saying Good Morning Mama.

Not awesome- the 3 hours it takes to get them to go to sleep every night....sigh

Pickles and Dimes said...

You are so funny!

Awesome: our new dog

Not Awesome: how he sounds like a 93-year-old with emphysema

Sam said...

Awesome: my 3 month old falling asleep at 7:30pm and waking at 7:30am

Not awesome: my 2 year old's leaky diarrhea diaper during his nap that he decided to fingerpaint with

Now I am feeling frustrated. I really want some of that Tillamook ice cream you talk about. We don't have that in Florida...

stacie d said...

awesome: getting off work at 1:00 today
not awesome: being bored since arriving home at 1:30 and expecting more boredom until bedtime

awesome: netflix
not awesome: netflix with technical difficulties & not shipping movies all week(creating more of above mentioned boredom)

Alice said...

awesome: sunny day again today. headed to the pool!

not awesome: i pretty much squandered my entire 3day weekend. oops.

Anonymous said...

Awesome: The smell of your bunking gear after a working structure fire.

Not Awesome: The smell of the nasty nursing home you respond to after the sweet fire.