Saturday, August 30, 2008

not quickly forgotten

Before I get to the rest of this, let me just direct your attention up there to the right - where I have posted the link to THE PLAIN WHITE BOX and Cherish's Pay it Forward contest. Yes, she has THE BOX! I am pleasantly surprised that our postal system got the box to Cherish in, like, four days instead of the FOURTEEN that they had estimated. Now, go enter that Pif!!!

We are in San Francisco. It is also confirmed that we are absolutely CRAZY, but really - you already knew that, didn't you?

We left Seattle on Thursday night around 10pm, Alice wrapped burrito-style in her car seat (and hopefully for the night). We drove. And we drove. And we drove - and really, I should say that CHIP drove, but I did my work too: stationed in the backseat next to Alice to anticipate every snorfle, snuffle, and grunt and keep her little peepers CLOSED.

We made it to San Francisco around 7pm last night. This was after such random weird stop-overs in places like Santa Rosa, Mt. Shasta, and some little town in the Sacramento valley for feeding/playing/generally exhausting Alice before we strapped her back in the seat and tried to inch a bit closer to San Francisco.

Phew. So we're here. This is stop #1. We'll be leaving tomorrow night to head over to Utah to see my folks. I'm too tired to say anything even remotely witty. Aren't you glad?


wandering nana said...

So... why go thru San Francisco to get to Utah? We are headed to Disneyland in October and I wondered about how long the drive was. Maybe I'll rethink it. Who is taking care of the cats? You didn't ask me and I would I done it. Have a fun trip.

Susie Q said...

Hope you guys have tons of fun and take lots of pictures for all of us on the opposite side of the country who will probably never get to see these awesome places in person. :)

The Importance of being Allen said...

How was it??? Did Alice really sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time? I can't believe you drove in the night... I am absolutely no help when we drive at night, the car, the stars, the soothing thump, thump, thump of the wheels on the highway.....ZZZZZzzzzzz!

tearese said...

Except for our three day move when Josh was six weeks, we never drove further than six hours with a little one. Good luck! I have cousins in MT. Shasta.

stacie d said...

I hope to someday get this box!! Hey maybe we can start one just among friends...Like you send it to me, I send to my friend, her to her friend, etc. I'm sure you're not ready to start a new one though!! Maybe you can give me some tips & I can do it!?