Wednesday, September 3, 2008

when there is sort of something to say but you're too tired to say it

There's a very odd vacation-updatey weirdness about this post. I have virtually NOTHING interesting to say, but I feel like I should post because there's all this TIME that's passed and we're busy busy busy with traveling and visiting with family. And... I don't know, you guys had questions, you know?

So there's this:

- We're in Utah visiting my parents and The Little Brother (and TLB's wife, and her BELLY if you know what I mean and I think you do and this means that Bean will have another little cousin come next MARCH!)

- Why Utah via San Francisco? Because it just... sort of happened. We'd been planning the trip to San Fran to see Chip's uncle and aunt - and it just came up that maybe a road trip to Utah would be fun? Or something? I don't know. We were totally insane. And we still are. But the trip has been worth it. Any time you can get my mom's cooking on a regular basis is ALWAYS good in our book.

- The trip from Seattle to San Francisco takes approximately 12 hours. That's if you take the direct route via I-5. We did not take the direct route because we wanted to take a detour through an area in California where Chip used to live. It added about 4-6 hours to the trip. Once again: worth it. And I have some seriously good tips for making a long car trip with a little one. I wouldn't really RECOMMEND IT, of course, but if you have to do it, I've got TIPS!!!

- Um. What else? Oh! The Pif!!! Looks like Cherish has a winner: Dr. Maureen. I'll post a link once Cherish sends it off and then keep you posted from there... you guys, this is so AWESOME I can't stand it. If you want to win the box, you've just got to keep following it and entering those PiF's...

- I have NO PICTURES to post because I am stupid and forgot the cord for the camera upload-y thing. So I have the pictures... just no way to post them until we get home. Argh.

- Okay. It's late. I'm fried.


wandering nana said...

If you have a card reader or want to buy one you can plug it into the computer and then put the card in and it will download the pictures (if it's digital) You probably already know this but it is the only way I know how to do it. Thanks for the answers to the questions. Now it all makes since. I'm glad you're having fun.. be safe driving.

stacie d said...


It's so great but soooooo weird at the same time!! I'm sure he won't chase the baby with a belt like he did to us! Or punch the baby in the face like he did to me in the car. HAHA!!! Please tell them CONGRATS for me!!

Chelle said...

Bummer about the pictures but hope you have a lovely time in San Francisco, via Utah.

The PIF thing is absolutely fabulous - I've seen variations of this idea floating around the blog world and I think it's awesome.

Kristi said...

I love this plain white box PIF. It's so fun to see where it goes!

tearese said...

wave to us as you drive nearish to Logan.