Monday, September 29, 2008

thirty words: 1

So for the rest of the week, my posts are going to be 30 words or less. Go ahead, you try to describe your mood, day, week, refrigerator contents in thirty words or less. Before you give me credit for some kind of weird writing exercise, I'll tell you the truth of the matter: we got back to Seattle Saturday night and were thrust into some kind of cosmic Crossroads of Heinousness, giving rise to a truly epic work deadline for me, more teething hijinks for Alice (with added sleeplessness!), and a mixed work/life/whathaveyou bag for Chip. The household is not strolling along - though we will come out of this just fine, if perhaps a little bent on the edges.

Until then: you get thirty word summations from Whimsy. See you on the other side.


wandering nana said...

Can I help? "}

Kathy said...

30 words or less? You write the longest blog post of anyone on my blog list! I can't imagine just 30 words!

Alice said...

wow. i.. don't think i could do it. i have a hard time keeping my twitter messages under 140 characters.

good luck with everything!

angelalois said...

I think "whathaveyou" counts as 3 words :-)