Wednesday, September 24, 2008

something random this way comes

So I really should get wise and just keep Monday's post up, but instead I'm going to burden you with this sad excuse for a post. Feeling random-y today.

Montana is far brighter than Seattle. As in, you seriously need some sunglasses brighter. As in, I didn't bring my sunglasses brighter. So I'm wandering around all squinty-eyed brighter.

Yesterday Alice and I found a grocery store down the way from our hotel and we went perusing. One of the items we acquired is a vibrating teething contraption. I bought it on the teeny tiny chance that it would help with the FRACTIOUSNESS. The best part was watching Alice's face the first time she put it in her mouth and it started vibrating. Sort of a cross between "what the HECK" and "mmmmmm vibrating".

I loved your thoughts about Autumn. Oh my, I really do love this time of year. One of the far stranger reasons for loving this time of year is that Red Robin carries a ginger snap milk shake round about this time. And it's far yummier than anything should be. Really. If you have a Red Robin in your neighborhood and you're a fan of spicy-gingery things, you've got to check it out. It's just.... so good.

I don't watch the show, REALLY, but I've seen a bit of it and I'm just so irritated about something. It's going to make me sound like a total grump, but here it is: have you seen America's Got Talent? They had this 4-year-old girl on it, singing "Somewhere Out There", all ragamuffin-y and cute. She really was adorable. But here's the thing: she's FOUR. And she sings like a 4-year-old. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just... not TALENT. It's 4-year-old singing, you know? So the judges fall in love with this girl and of course they put her through to the next round or whatever. And it just IRRITATED me. You're saying that she's more talented than some guy with a trained dog or whatever? Because she's FOUR and she's singing? It's not like she's an opera star. She's just a cute kid. Dude. I'm condemning myself here to at least one comment about how she was super duper talented and the next Judy Garland or something, but SERIOUSLY. It's a mark of the whole mediocre is GREAT mentality that we have going on in this country. I need to shut up now. I just wrote a paragraph about a cute kid who doesn't know any better. I probably should have written something about her parents instead, because you KNOW they're standing behind the stage curtains talking to an AGENT or something and plotting some kind of a RECORD DEAL and a TV show before she's 7.

Glad I got that off my chest. How about some more random? Like how Alice wasn't a fan of the pool? The water was warm, we were all alone, it was a great moment... but the look on her face was I AM NOT LOVING THIS MOTHER GET ME OUT OF HERE. There wasn't much crying, per se, but she was just not much of a fan. I'm going to try again in a day or so. I'm hoping it's like eating bananas. First try ICK, second try HMMMM MAYBE YOU'VE GOT SOMETHING HERE.

How is it that a housekeeping person can whisk into a hotel room, make the bed - put up some more towels and it feels like Buckingham Palace? In my book, there isn't much better than walking into a hotel room after a 45-minute walk and finding your room all clean and beautiful again.


Pickles and Dimes said...

I really loved that 4-year-old, but I think she shouldn't have made it that far. BUT, I will say that I looked forward to her almost more than any other act, which is something. She just made me so HAPPY.

I'm rooting for Nuttin' but Stringz to win it all. I'm not a big fan of the rest (all singers).

Although I really wish that baton-twirling guy would've made the final 5 - he was awesome.

Alice said...

i just went and watched a bunch of youtube vids of nuttin' but stringz. holy shit, they are pretty awesome. pretty much all i've ever seen of AGT is that 4 year old, and i agree. she's super cute, but... she's a 4 year old singing. of course she's super cute.

artemisia said...

I've never seen AGT; just the commercials and the very idea irritate me.

I love, love, love staying in hotels! Someone else cleans up! there is no clutter! The Rules of Home do not apply!


wandering nana said...

I have not seen the 'Talent' show but I have seen the commercial's for the show with the little girl. I'm so with you... what are they setting this little girl up for? What is she going to do when they get serious and she gets dropped. I love reading your blog.. "D

nutmeg said...

Ah, I like bananas! ;)

nomadicspud said...

I don't like the show but have seen a few episodes. While I certainly am not defending the 4 year old as I also think she went farther than she should have, I think the talent they see is her memorization skills. I have a 4 year old and while he can recall past events quite vividly, it would take a lot, lot, lot of work to get him to memorize these songs and tunes.

My fave is the Nuttin' but Stringz too