Wednesday, May 6, 2009

a true nursery rhyme

Mr. Chip NotMuffet
sat on his tuffet
bathing his baby girl.

Along came a spider
that wanted to bite her--
Mr. Chip's toes began to curl.

He moved the girl away
and kept the spider at bay
while yelling for mommy to come.


So mommy ran in
with nothing but a grin
and an itty bitty book to kill it.

She tossed dad the book
he gave her that look
while she ran to get a mallet.

Dad leapt into the fray
the beast didn't get away
and he squished it flatter than flat.

When mommy came back in
the gore was not lacking
with black legs and guts on the bathmat.

No spiders were seen
for the rest of evening
and everyone was happier for sleeping.

The next day mama took
to clean off the book
and found the spider's body was keeping.

For what did she find
but the irony in mind
was funny and out of pace.

The little book was the weapon
that sent the spider to heaven
what an ironic final resting place.


stacie d said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! This is great! :)

I was impressed by my own bravery the other night when I saw a nasty spider creeping along a paper on my bedroom floor...I grabbed my slipper and smooshed him with a BIG smack. Afterwards I was like, "Wow. Where did that spider-rage come from?!" HA!

Heidi W. said...

That was awesome! That was perfect for your 400th post. I love the picture of alice reading the book!

Eleanor Q. said...

Happy 400th Post!

You can come and kill spiders here any day!

wandering nana said...

My money was on the book Itsy bitsy spider. When I worked for my brother-in-law they decided to remodel his store. One of the rooms became the "Log Room" as they used logs across the ceiling. One day one of the designers started screaming and calling for me... I went in and there was a huge bug (later found out it was a Texas Horn Beetle... yes I took a dead one to the extension service... the things I do for family). I don't know why but somehow eggs had been laid and hatched and we began finding them in the room. For some unknown reason, it became my job to "escort" the big things out of the building, and we're talking belly up!

serenity now said...

I loved the poem! My husband would appreciate yesterday's post since he's a big fan of prime and odd numbers, too. Happy 400th!

emily said...

you're the most creative chica!! too funny! and by the way - andy is the same - i'm the chief spider killer in our house!

Chelle said...

Such a creative, cute nursery rhyme! You are so talented. :) I especially loved the ironic ending.